David Parsons - aka MobiusmanI’m a self-help disrupter, a personal development mutineer, a self-improvement heretic.

For decades I’ve been quietly helping people who have long been bamboozled by the one industry that was supposed to provide them with hope, not just more thought-candy.

I’ll make a prediction:

In the next few years there will be a big shakeup the the industry of self-help the likes of which we haven’t seen since it was popularized in the late twentieth century.

My work will be the cause of that shakedown.

There is always a simple reason for why things change.

People find something better.

In this case it’s something much better. It’s been like this since we went from stone tools to bronze and then to steel.

Since my earliest days in the workforce I was not all that satisfied with what was being sold as vital training for the advancement of one’s personal growth leading to success in life. Most of my peers had no problem with it but not me.

Soon after I stumbled on a simple method that helped me, and then others I shared it with, to gain a type of happiness and optimism that was almost instant. It was like hitting some strange internal switch that suddenly brought out this new character that now powered our self-confidence and promoted creative problem solving while soothing our internal wars.

That was over four decades ago.

I then set off on a quest, one that continues on through to today, to bring this finding to people everywhere.

Of course, I had no idea it would take this long. The quest had become a kind of one-direction obsession. One I knew I would never, or could never, quit.

One thing my journey has taught me for sure; I know a thing or two when it comes to real sustained motivation and what kind of mindset it takes to continue over long periods of time where success seems so far off and gratification is long delayed.

I talk about optimizing the duality of the mindset-to-brainset connection for personal happiness and health. This means that all you really need to do for yourself is use more of what you already have — your dual brain set.

Yes, all two of them.

The one located in the head that thinks things, and the other in your gut that doesn’t think anything but feels everything.

Sadly, the latter is the one most often missed as the new portal to a brighter future for you.

You already know what a ‘mindset’ is for. Now you can learn what a ‘Brainset” is for.

Time for a change. This is the one that the self-help industry never saw coming.

Stay tuned for the upgrade—coming soon.

Get to it. I’ll help you.

More power to you.

David W. Parsons

(AKA: Mobiusman)


David and Lorna enjoy riding their mountain bikes
David & Lorna today

Together with Lorna, his wife, business partner, and best friend of three decades they operate Mobius Transformations which is now working daily to help people make the switch from only using mindset to adding in “brainset” for more awareness and insight.

David is the world’s only trainer of the dual brain system. An expert on the nature of the persistence mindset David continues working on new videos, podcasts, and web presentations that feature new information on his “mindset immunity” theory .

On his personal blog David comments on his work in human development and the state of the human mindset today. David is currently working on his new book “The Gut Brain Balm”.

You can contact David for interviews, guest appearances, and keynotes. If you are seeking consultation for business and industrial applications of mindset immunity feel free to contact him for more information or leave a note in the comments section below.

Skype: “DavidTheMobiusman” (Mention this page in your request for connection so he’ll recognize you)

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