My Main Things: Being Dual-Brained & Having Dual-Immunity

I have to confess something. I’m a “Brain Balmer”.

I describe myself  that way because I have discovered the one thing that I was born to do. Show people everywhere how they can eliminate a ton of worry and stress by using the calming power of their natural brain – the one in their gut – to soothe the troubles that the head brain might experience. It’s the greatest balm there is because you take it with you everywhere.

This ultimately creates a type of healthy immunity in the thinking that mirrors the body’s immunity.  I believe that this is such a radical idea that it will eventually shake the foundations of traditional self-help to the core.

So be it.

People need to be able to finally have a natural alternative to all the words and advice pouring out of the mouths os the big gooroos of personal development. The one’s that like to endlessly hook consumers into coming back for more emotional triggering while sucking as much cash out of them as possible.

I think I could also describe myself as a personal development heretic. I must be a heretic because I’m in the business of helping people at being better people while at the same time I’m very critical of the self-help industry. That’s especially true when they get into head stuff like self-motivation and positive thinking. They use only feel-good word-messages that the masses want to hear and so they keep delivering that brain-candy by the truckload.

I recognize that, if there’s one thing that’s over-abundant in this world, it’s failure. Failure to keep the body consistently disease-free and failure to keep ourselves from having the recurring feeling that we’re not yet good enough to see success. That may not be an actual disease but it can be a seriously-disabling unease that has the power to make our self-belief founder and undermine our happiness. This is the thinking that’s causing us to be open to invading negative thoughts.

But I believe that a new immunity is available that strengthens the thinking against such infiltration and leaves the person happier and healthier in the long run. And to realize these benefits we need to include an investigation into the potential of the little brain in our gut.

Introducing Human Nature 2.0

“It seems I’ve always been good at fixing things.  All through high school I fixed my own cars and helped others work on theirs. In college I worked part-time in a shop that specialized in high-end British imports like the Aston Martin. It was a real thrill to see such fine workmanship up close.

After I graduated from Sheridan College of Art I became employed as an art director in an advertising production studio but I continued to dabble in mechanics. I just found that I quite enjoyed learning about how things are put together.

Later on when I was involved in print sales I became interested in human motivation and personal development. I felt (and was told by my manager) that I needed it to do my work. It was in this vein that I continued to work on the one thing that I felt needed the ultimate fix of all: the human mindset. I relied on my fixing skills to support my research on what would eventually become my own innovation in the personal betterment space: the H.E.R.O. eMachine.

In 1977 I met Lorna, the love of my life. With her at my side I started and stopped a succession of small businesses including an organic goat dairy that we’d built up to over 100 animals that produced the most beautiful milk I’ve ever tasted.

But sadly, after four years of constant labour it became evident that the dairy was not going to work out. The BSC (mad cow disease) outbreak here in the west in 2003 didn’t help much either. Behind in loan payments we we’re forced by the bank to liquidate everything.  Goats don’t contract the disease but that didn’t seem to matter when we went to sell them off. Prices had fallen drastically low. When we left the farm for the last time we were in our mid-fifties and pretty much financially ruined.

It was to be a long road back from the brink but at least my life now allows me to concentrate more on what I really wanted to do – work on mastering the understanding of the persistent nature of humans and the development of my theory of Human Immune Duality: Mindset Immunity/Body Immunity. One being ethereal and the later being physical, and testing out my new tool of searching your ethereal nature which I call the H.E.R.O. Personal Success Discover eMachine.

One thing my journey has taught me for sure: I know a thing or two when it comes to real sustained motivation and what kind of mindset it takes to continue over long periods of time where success seems so far off and gratification is long delayed.


David and Lorna enjoy riding their mountain bikes
David & Lorna today

Together with Lorna, his wife, business partner, and best friend of three decades they operate Mobius Transformations which is now working daily to help people using the on-line “H.E.R.O. Personal Success Discover eMachine” personal success search tool.

David is the world’s only trainer of the dual brain system. An expert on the nature of the persistence mindset David continues working on new videos, podcasts, and web presentations that feature new information on his “mindset immunity” theory .

On his personal blog David comments on his work in human development and the state of the human mindset today. David is currently working on his new book “The Gut Brain Balm: Head brain suffers – Gut brain buffers… The Remarkable Discovery Of Another Brain You Didn’t Know You Had And How It Can Calm The Storms Of Stress & Over-Worry In The Brain You Know All Too Well.”

You can contact David for interviews, guest appearances, and keynotes. If you are seeking consultation for business and industrial applications of mindset immunity feel free to contact him for more information or leave a note in the comments section below.

Contact eMail –  [cryptex]davidp@mobiusman.com[/cryptex]

Skype: “DavidTheMobiusman” (Mention this page in your request for connection so he’ll recognize you)

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