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David Parsons - aka MobiusmanDavid is the master at understanding the base cause of the persistent nature of humans. For decades he has worked almost non-stop trying to find a way to enhance this most essential of human attributes that ultimately has created the successes and accomplishments of all humans that ever lived.

He understands that, today, almost everyone wants more of one thing in life and that is success in all its forms. Persistence has for centuries been recognized as the path to accomplishment in almost anything from business to personal fulfillment. But there’s a problem. Even though it’s treasured by everyone it can’t be taught in class like math or grammar can. There is no clear explanation for it’s existence.

David recognized this shortcoming a long time ago. That started him off on a personal quest to bring the mystery of persistence closer to the surface of our understanding. This led to the breaking of new ground here with his development of a reverse-search tool he calls  the H.E.R.O.  Personal Success Discover eMachine. It’s like having your own a personal development “chemistry set”.  He believes it helps to create a brighter and more authentic self-belief which clears the pathway to you having more control in your life.

For over 25 years David has worked to research the effects of this new technology on human thinking. He is considered an expert on the nature of the persistence mindset backed by a dual brainset and on something he calls “Dual Immunity”. He has been publishing his blog at since 2008 and is currently working on his new book The Gut Brain Balm.

David lives in the city of Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley BC Canada with Lorna, his wife and business partner of 40 years.

David is continually working on new videos, podcasts, and web presentations that feature new information on his “brainset to mindset” theory.

You can contact David for interviews, guest appearances, and keynotes. Talks are structured around the persistence mindset, the theory of “Mindset Immunity”, “Dual Nature of Humans” and how a new belief in you is quickly established when you optimize the use of your dual-brain system.

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