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One of history’s greatest minds, Albert Einstein, certainly had some earth-shaking insights during his career. He’s even been credited as forming the basis of modern physics as we know it today.
But another insight he had related, not so much in the problem-solving as done in theoretical physics, but in the problems most normal humans have. He voiced it this way:

‘We Can’t Solve Problems By Using The Same Kind Of Thinking We Used When We Created Them’

Obviously, he was somewhat concerned about the state of our thinking as well as our ability to use that thinking to find solutions that would make our lives better.
As smart as he was he failed miserably to find an effective way to change that level of and to raise it up to where he imagined it should be.
He might have succeeded but he died far too soon.

In fact, he would have had to live on to at least 127 years old when, in 2006 another scientist Dr. Michael Gershon, finally brought to light the one thing that could change everything: The existence of a hidden second brain in humans.

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