What Is The Mobius Effect? My Interview With Donnie

Not long ago I was the subject of an interview where I disclosed a ton of great information about my work. This penetrating interview was carried out by copywriter and fellow blogger Donnie Bryant.

He did a great job, I didn’t hold anything back. This is a full 90 minute MP3 audio (in two separate 45 minute files).

In this audio I talk about what H.E.R.O.¬† is and how it’s able to connect your mindset with the internal drive that powers successful achievement.

This is important stuff. In a resent post by business blogger Seth Godin he made note of the importance of internal motivation: “…the world is more and more aligned in favor of those who find motivation inside, who would do what they do even if it wasn’t their job.”

H.E.R.O.¬† is my little contribution. It’s the world’s first reverse-search engine for locating the root source of your past success history. By default, your past successes are infused with the gut drive of persistence. It’s footprint is all over the stories of your individual personal successes. H.E.R.O. is a tool to help you isolate those footprints because they can provide solid evidence that you are more accomplished than you think.

What is the Mobius Effect anyway?

In this audio I expand on my thesis that unbelievable belief in yourself can result through your correct use of the H.E.R.O. eMachine. A private for-fee seminar  that I offer to selected clients.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What the acronym H.E.R.O. stands for
  • Why from-the-gut internal motivation is the only authentic drive humans can trust to help them make sound decisions
  • What the largest living thing on earth is and how it figures into your past and future accomplishment
  • How to really get to know your own potential like never before
  • How identification of this type of motivational source could positively change the world even if only a tiny percentage of the population found it
  • Why there is one main science that keeps cropping up in my research into this discovery
  • The three word golden nugget of understanding that the ancient Greeks knew and why were just now beginning to embrace it big time
  • How your future can be made a lot easier by looking into a special part of your past personal history
  • And a whole lot more

I have decided to allow you to download this file absolutely free of charge. I may change this at any time though so don’t delay. Pick up this valuable sound file today. It’s free (for now).

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