Interviews for Immune To Failure Project

I’d like To Interview You.

Recently I announced that I will be looking to do interviews with a few hand-picked solopreneurs working in the online world. I’m looking for those who might have an interesting have a story about failure and it’s benefits and it’s sorrows while on the path to breakthrough.

Due to the obvious interest from many requests for more information about this project I have decided to post this as an open letter to all those brave souls who wanted to hear more.

Here’s the proposal step by step:

1) The main idea here is to conduct short 30 to 45 minute interviews with solopreneurs who may have met with failure in the past and how that was somehow overcome and made into a success. This call, conducted via Skype, will be recorded. The candidate will get back a copy of the finished MP3 and if chosen for inclusion in the Immune To Failure book or DVD he or she will also get a free copy of those items (when completed) as well.

NOTE: Because these calls are all done using SKYPE a  headset with a mic on it would be the ideal setup but other configurations, such as a laptop with a built-in mic, seem to work fine.

HERO - Honest Exanination of Real Occurences2) Once the interview is over I may then, at my discretion, offer those chosen my complete two-day H.E.R.O. eMachine online experience at a greatly reduced price. These two sessions run a minimum 4 to 6 hour/day for two consecutive days.   These are immersion sessions where you will be working alone in our private online  platform with me as your personal guide.

H.E.R.O  is the world’s first reverse-search technique designed to locate the root-core of your drive of persistence and determination.

This can be quite a profound experience as the candidate will be able to locate and express this finding visually in a least three out of five feature categories.  The total cost of this advanced training is just  $97.00 US .

4) After all sessions are completed the successful candidate will be emailed a one-off ebook in PDF form called “My Victory History”*. This is a compilation ebook of all that they have entered in the text workbook area during the sessions.

If you think you’d like to take advantage of this offer you can reach me by email [cryptex][/cryptex] or on Skype: DavidtheMobiusman

Thanks to you all for your interest as I seek to spark more conversations concerning the concept of Mindset Immunity out into the public arena.

More power to you.

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PS: I have created a new Facebook Fan Page just for this project. Please do me a big favor and go over now and “like” my new page. I’d really appreciate it.

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