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Monday MinuteMobius Monday Minute

# 11 – Jan 17 , 2011

Sometimes we work away at things and it doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere. The timeline from start to finish, if there is ever a ‘finish”, can sometimes be a long one.

It’s easy to choose not to make it better and fall into discouragement. It’s easy to quit when it appears that reaching the goal is still far away around a corner or over yet another mountain.

But artists, and we’re all artists in our own right, have always struggled for newness even if that newness was just getting to the next day.

I’m not here to tell you to never quit  – your mother told you that. I’m here to ask you a question: Can you continue to keep up the struggle through the timeline for another day another month another year in order to find out what your true calling is?

If you can, I can guarantee you, it will result in you making it way way better.

For yourself and for the world around you.

More power to you.

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