A Mindset Paradox

According to Dictionary.com a paradox is:

“a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.”

One day over 50 years ago a group of physicists were talking over lunch at the Los Alamos National Laboratory located out in the New Mexico desert.  The conversation got around to the strong possibility that extra-terrestrial civilizations exist in the universe.


One of the scientists Enrico Fermi wondered aloud: if indeed the conditions were favorable for the existence of extra-terrestrials why have they not been identified or, at the very least, their radio transmissions detected?

This one penetrating question sparked a debate that is still going on today, in and outside of scientific circles.

It’s a great question but it’s not got a lot to do with the subject of mindset has it?

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He Found The Good In Everything

Last week a giant passed away.  Paul Harvey broadcaster, master wordsmith, and as President George Bush said in a statement “a friendly and familiar voice in the lives of millions…”

Like a lot of his fans I love a good story and Mr. Harvey could deliver it with skill unmatched by anyone. He could deliver it right into your soul.

He was that good.

He fell in love with radio early in life. He started working as a clean-up boy at radio KVOO in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1933. In time he was allowed to fill in on the air reading commercials and the news. I suppose even then at the tender age of 15 his superiors noticed he had a terrific voice for radio.

His famous feature “The rest of the story” was broadcast in my area and I always stopped what I was doing to listen. His stories and the way he presented them made them come alive.

Like Paul Harvey, who continued to broadcast well into his last years, I too love what I do. There is a mindset that is nurtured and supported by the love that you feel for the work that you do. That’s what showed in his voice and in his craft.

Harvey died on February 28, 2009, at the age of 90 after being taken to a hospital in Phoenix.

He will be missed.