Quotius #3

Each week I intend to dispatch my pent-up creativity by creating a new version of something I call a “quotius”. (Learn about the genesis of it  here.)

“Change the way you look at things .. and the things you look at change”  –  Wayne Dyer
In this quotius I dissect Dr. Wayne Dryer’s famously well known message.

In a Youtube video he states, while pointing to his chest, that what this means is that “It’s all in here”. I certainly can’t disagree with that but I have some trouble with his using such a broad brush. There can be a lot of stuff happening “in here”.

I know a lot of people think Dr. Dyer is fantastically brilliant and I don’t totally disagree with that either but I think we need more from this than what I see so far. A little closer more detailed look might change what we see.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree it’s “all in here” for sure. Change must come from within and everything. But we suffer from the “where have I heard all this before?” and the… “Tell me something I didn’t know” type of cynicism.

In my perspective, which deeply involves the simple little brain tweak  that I call The Mobius Effect, the story ends up looking like this:

You have a vast amount of potential in you. But the problem we have is that a lot of us don’t believe it. It sounds like another one of those positive affirmation thingies. But if we look at it a little differently it will change to be more like this:

The pattern of your potential is the largest pattern that exists on earth. It is so large a pattern that it cannot fit into the human brain. We can only talk about it hypothetically. We humans need things with reasonable hard edges. We need some sort of frame of reference for our visual field even if it’s something that’s in our perceptual thought field. With it we can see where the thing is, reference it to where we are, and then from there understand it as well as make use of it.

In my webinars I use this example:  If you’ve ever looked up, to see a single cloud in an otherwise clear sky, you know what I’m talking about. You can see its outer edges, its place in the sky in relation to you being on the ground. But what if the cloud is now itself on the ground and is surrounding you? Well, for one thing we don’t call it a cloud any more…

We call it a fog.

If, like me, you’ve ever been out driving your car and became surrounded by a dense fog that has completely obliterated your vision you would know what that feels like. You feel terribly lost and you may even fear for your safety. You immediately pull over to the side of the road (where ever that is) and hope that no one crashes into you who’s as lost in it as you are.

So…how can we change how we look at things enough so that we install some sort of frame of reference?

Good question.

I have a surprising answer for it too. (That’s the kind of thing that I answer using words and pictures in my free webinars every week. )

But I don’t want to leave you just hanging here so, while I firmly believe you need more visual detail than I can give you in this blog post, I’m going to give you my short definition of what the Mobius Effect is.

The Mobius Effect is a phenomenon that happens when we implement a simple little brain tweak and almost instantly our perception is changed. Now we can grasp much smaller self-similar patterns in place the super huge host thereby making it much more accessible to our mind’s understanding.

It automatically allows us to change the way we see all things more intelligently. And that, as they say, changes everything.

More power to you.
David is the developer of the H.E.R.O. eMachine
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ROI Shift

ROI sign

Seth Godin’s post on his blog this morning talks about how Kraft Singles has “the normal … the regular kind” market in it’s particular field sewed up.

“That slot is taken” he says.

Anyone trying to break into that market is going to fail unless it can make what it offers so compelling that it moves the entire market center toward itself and away from the previous “normal”.

In looking at this it made me see that he is probably right even in a market that includes personal development (PD) products that are aimed at developing the positive aspects of thinking. In fact I’ve long felt that this industry (PD) is ready for a big shakeup. The “normal” kind of stuff that’s being offered has become so ubiquitous that its effects are now wearing thin.

It’s become too normal to work against the kinds of problems facing so many of us these days.

With my launch of the Mobius Effect the focus will be away from head-based “therapies”.  It’s going to be a shift.  I’m not going to be offering the usual staple that this industry is so known for: forced acquiring of repetitive old-hat information and head-brain stuffing.

Instead, we’re going to move the center of gravity towards the most natural thing in the world – something I call Mindset Immunity. The delivery of a fractal of a pattern of potential in you that is so large it wouldn’t otherwise fit into your head-brain alone. Need to draw in the gut brain too.

The effect will be an instantaneous recurring and generous ROI – Return On Immunity. This will give those in the market for personal betterment a clear choice for the first time in a long time. ROI: Return On Information-stuffing or ROI: Return On Immunity.

One jams you up the other offers freeness.

More Power to you.

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