Are You Immune Enough?

When I talk to people about mindset immunity they look at me funny, like I’m suggesting that they should be numb to everything.

Zoned out like some kind of zombie.

That’s not what I mean at all. I mean that your thinking should react to stress like your body reacts to disease. As if your thinking mind had its own immune system because I believe it does.

In the body when a pathogen comes in to do damage it’s met head-on by the active agents in the blood that are there especially to defend their territory from the invader.
They work to neutralize the effects of the virus on the rest of the body.  They’re smart too; they remember things for the next time it happens. If you get a particular strain of cold virus, for example, they will fight it off then after it’s gone the system ‘remembers’ what it did to overcome the attacker.  Next time that same virus comes along and tries to get a foot-hold the system will recognize it and quickly mobilize to eliminate it with greater efficiency than before.

Computers have immune systems

This is what our computer virus protection is modeled after. Would  you turn off your your anti-virus protection, drop your firewall, and then go surfing on the internet?

Probably not.

Then why would you take your thinking, unprotected as it is, out into the world every day? If we can design a machine to have a type of immune system then why can’t our human thinking have one as well?

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A Silly Little Paper Band and A Phenomenon – Part 5

Wrapping it all up

Adaption Energy Effects MindIn this the final installment of this series. ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)

I’d like to introduce you to yet another scientist. He’s a recognized pioneer in the field of stress research. In fact the first usage of the term “stress” to describe an effect on humans was first used by him. The idea of the “fight or flight response” to describe a reaction to a stressor comes from his work. He’s a contemporary of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s.

Let me present: Dr. Hanz Selye.

We’ve been talking all along about a mysterious energy within humans that has shown itself to be a real phenomenon. Again, in Dr. Selye’s work, the concept of a mysterious energy is mentioned. Selye called it “adaptation energy” because “it is that which is consumed during continued adaptive work and to indicate that it is something quite different from the surface or caloric energy derived from the foods we eat“.

The two men seen to agree that this energy plays an important role in healing the body from an injury, adapting to a stress effect, and even that it “touches on the fundamentals of aging.”

I was excited.

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