Step One to H.E.R.O.

step number 1Order your Fast Start Package

This first step is designed to equip you with an effective fast start to understanding more about the type of transformation you’re likely to achieve after working the H.E.R.O. Personal Success Discover eMachine.

H.E.R.O. is a method of personal  development that exists outside the experience of most people. It allows you to discover how your own mindset immunity can create a solid foundation upon which you can boost all of your other personal development results. So, we want you to be able to have the best level of comprehension about what mindset immunity is all about.

To accomplish this we are offering four main products that are essential items in your Fast Start to H.E.R.O. pre-seminar toolbox package. We feature these because we want you to be able to wallop the doubters when they come calling. You know who they are. They’re the ones who always question the actions you’re taking to become better at being an authentic you.

In this package there are three essential items:

  • Story Strip
  • The Story Of The Two Fishes PDF.
  • 15 Q&A H.E.R.O. Book 1


    Story strip assembled in 3D
    The Story Strip assembled in 3D


    The Story Strip is this ingenious little 3D construction. It’s a cool way that you can use to demonstrate to yourself  and to others the type of transformation that H.E.R.O. delivers.

    Two Fishes PDFThis ebook was produced from original drawings as is seen in the movie of the same name.
    Get out your Story Strip and follow along as these two creatures illustrate an amazing transformation as it takes place through their story.
    Q & A about H.E.R.O. eBook coverThis is a brand new ebook assembled from 15 of the best questions and answers about the H.E.R.O. eMachine.  A great addition to the Fast start package.

  • The original Story of the Two Fishes Video download
    Story of the Two Fishes DVD

    This is a DOWNLOADABLE FILE. The Story of the Two Fishes is the illustrative video that shows what happens when a H.E.R.O. transformation takes  place. Entertaining, informative and fun.





Note: Other than the the “Story strip” all other products on this page are digital download products. The photo’s and artwork are for illustrative purposes only.