Bucky’s Experience

Famous Quotivations # 15 – February 25 , 2011 [display_podcast]

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Buckminster Fuller Quote

There is no doubt that the man who popularized the geodesic dome about the same time as I was being busy being born, had genius pouring out of him every day.

Obviously he wouldn’t agree with this assertion. He just wanted to do all that good stuff so he could make this statement in complete and utter confidence that one day you and I would get this size 12 take away: Experience, both good, bad, and ugly can become something of value.

Our experiences may not directly define us but that’s ok. Their true value is that they provide us the raw material we can then use in the fabricating department we call our life where we forge what becomes our legacy to the greater world.

This is the way experience can work for us and benefit others long after we are here no more.

It sure worked like that for Bucky.

Could it work for you?

It’s Friday. Consider yourself “Quotivated“.

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Folding Humans

Mobius Monday Minute

# 13 – Feb 21 , 2011 [display_podcast]

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For years now I’ve been talking about how I love to study shapes. As a visual artist I’ve long been interested in working with three-dimensional shapes rather than flat 2D drawings for example.

I enjoy drawing but with three dimensional material you can make structures that occupy real space. In a drawing you’ve got to suggest it or devise a way to fool the eye.

The movie Avatar comes to mind.

Lately a very interesting and very new material has become available that enables anyone with an internet connection to try their hand at forming new shapes out of it.

What is it? It’s human protein.

Now I know this sounds a bit weird so let me explain.

Seems there are some very creative scientists at the University of Washington who have worked up a type of video game called Foldit. It allows users to manipulate a virtual human protein chain into a shape on a computer screen.

New shapes for proteins, something known as protein design, are what the scientists are after. They know that human intuition can be useful at arriving at new solutions that computers can use and learn from. They are hoping that their game might someday lead to new combinations of protein shapes that could be used to cure certain diseases.

Proteins are the workhorses of every cell of every living thing on earth not just the human body. But for us they carry out many very important tasks – everything from breaking down food to power your muscles to transporting nutrients through your blood.

That’s how vitally important shape is. In fact we could not live productive lives without our proteins being folded in their correct shapes.


If shape is a critically determining factor maybe my idea that human thought systems have a right and a wrong shape isn’t so strange after all.

More power to you.

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Charlie’s Powerful Belief

Famous Quotivations # 14 – February 18 , 2011 [display_podcast]

According to this quote Charlie had an unbelievable belief in his ability

Quote by Charlie Chaplin

The most important thing you can have is an unbridled belief in yourself. This one thing will fuel your personal vision of the future like nothing else can. It will be a vision that is so real that it is not a question of weather or not it is going to come to fruition but only when.

But, given this truth, there is one fly in the ointment. Belief, any belief, is established in one of two ways: through argument or through hard evidence. If you go out and attempt to build self-belief by investing in the argument method only it might not be sticky enough to pull you up the life’s incline.

Better you should seek an authentic burning eternally-fired energy-backed belief based on the hard evidence that you’ve been successful before.

The key can be found in your success history. Locate that and you at least stand a fair chance no matter what the current circumstances look like.

Charlie was a child performer and had lots of ups and downs.

But he must have been keenly aware that those times when he persevered would create memories of real victories that he could draw on later.

Must have worked because he did go on to gain many honors. Playwright George Bernard Shaw called Chaplin “the only genius to come out of the movie industry.”

It’s Friday. Consider yourself “Quotivated”!

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Taking Care of Your rent

Mobius Monday Minute

# 12 – Feb 14 , 2011 [display_podcast]

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A rent is another word for a tear or rip in a fabric
Photo: Morgufile



Are you taking care of your rent?

No, not the stuff you’re compelled to fork out every month to your money-grubbing landlord. Not that rent.

I’m talking about the “tear” in your motivational fabric every time you have one of those events we all call a ‘failure’.

Of course I’m playing with words here because, in case you didn’t get the mildly insane insinuation, a “rent” is another word for “tear”. But this is not meant to be a lesson in etymology.

No, not at all. It’s a comment about what happens to our mindset after we experience something that we tried and that didn’t quite make the grade. The “f” word is of course almost always a reflection of how we judge our past actions that didn’t render the result we had in mind. It’s really nothing else.

Upon closer inspection we can even get some good learning juice out of it if we dare to look for it. He wasn’t alone in this but a guy by the name of (all things) Samuel Smiles the author of the classic 1882 book SELF HELP once said:

“It is a mistake to suppose that men succeed through success; they much oftener succeed through failures. Precept, study, advice, and example could never have taught them so well as failure has done.”

Now, those 33 words alone may not help you completely recover from the battering you gave yourself after the fact, but at least you should feel a little bit better knowing that many others have ventured down this dark road before you.

I suppose that there is one thing I should add to this tidbit of information here. It’s this: The hurt you feel when bad things happen is like a bruise on an apple. Except being in the thinking it’s not a physical bruise like one in the meat. It’s an emotional or an ethereal one. These typically take way more time to mend. Maybe that’s why your mother may have advised: Sleep on it. It’ll look better in the morning.

Sure mom.

I don’t know about you but after a day of blowing it big time I never could sleep it off. It wasn’t till years later when I came upon the concept of mindset immunity something that took me down another interesting rabbit-hole, the understanding of which, has since become a huge part of my life’s work. Once I realized that there appears to be another immune system that does for the thinking what the other one does for the body I was hooked.

Makes a nice bookend for the fact that humans have two sets of brains – one that thinks but doesn’t feel, and one that feels but is not designed to think much at all.

This is sort the kind of things I like talking about on this blog. So if you have any questions or comments I’d love to see them. Just put whatever you’d like to say in the box below.

More power to you.

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World’s Collide

Famous Quotivations # 13 – February 11 , 2011 [display_podcast]

Pointcare was a brilliant mathematician that looked at his gut feelings for guidance

“It is through science that we prove but through intuition that we discover.”

Henre Pointcare

You may have, at one time or another, had a gut feeling about a choice you were about to make.

It this right or is this wrong?  The feeling you get in your gut tells you the truth every time. Have you noticed that?

This type of quasi-philosophical experience did not escape the notice of Henre Pointcare, one of the most brilliant minds of mathematical scientific inquiry. To me that seems odd at first.  What’s a guy who has been credited with important

Mathematical discoveries like the kind that led to the first description of relativity, to come to terms with something like a gut feeling?

It just goes to show that this quote is truly an interesting and provocative observation that Pointcare, a man who’s whole career was deeply involved in the exacting black and white scientific study of mathematics, simultaneously gave credence to the unknown quantity that lay at the foundation of such things as gut hunches.

After all we’re only talking about feelings.

Guess that means that in some tight confines of the human  mind worlds can and do collide in strange and wonderful partnerships.

Pointcare saw his. Are you observing yours?

This is Friday. Consider yourself Quotivated.

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