Going Bananas In Emerg.

File this under alternate health care.

It is being reported that at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax Nova Scotia has hired a psychologist to take care of emergency patients that complain of pain but don’t seem to have any physical symptoms.

What to do? Send him/her home telling them that they’re crazy and, “Oh, by the way, please don’t come back”?

No. That would not do.

This hospital has something better.

They refer the patient immediately to the hired talk-therapist to quiet the person down.

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Bury your dead ducks

This morning I took my wife to work with her bike in the trunk of the car. It’s a clear cool day with no wind. On a day like this she loves to ride home on her bicycle. It’s great exercise and she relaxes in the calmness of the experience. The duck and chicken farm she works part time at is only 7 minutes away by car so she can make it home by bike in less than fifteen.

When we got there I unloaded her bike and put it up by the door to the work area that is called the egg room. That’s where she collects the fresh duck eggs from a conveyor belt that slides through the nesting area inside the barn. After she does that she has to go into the barn itself and check for any ducks that may have collapsed and died overnight.

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Failure is our friend.

Chart showing ups and dows in progression
Failures are an integral part of all success

You know I have been leaning lately to the fact that failure has tons to do with how we arm our mindset from the strain future failures.  It always looks like failure is getting the bad wrap of causing all the collateral damage when it really plays an important role in the production of all of our success events.

Today, let’s give failure an even portion of our appreciation. I Know that it seems to hurt us but I’ve come to the point where I now realize the truth.

Failure is our friend. Success our hero.

I’ll coin this:

Compared to success a failure is much more fulfilling. At least after I have one I don’t want another soon after.

More power to you


Media Release

Here’s a new document I put together to talk about the finding of a second brain in humans.

Second brain
FACT: There is a second brain in the human body

This is my new media release for my public speaking program that I’ll be doing locally. It promotes my on-line services as well.

I’d really appreciate it if as many of you as possible would comment on it and maybe even suggest tweaks as well.

You are all deeply appreciated. My many thanks in advance,



For Immediate Release

Did you know that almost 20 years ago scientists discovered that there’s a second brain in the human body? Turns out that in our body’s mid-section there’s lots of nerve cells similar to those found in the head brain.  What possibilities could this other brain mean for human ability?

Researcher, David Parsons, has been studying this little-known second brain for nearly 20 years and now teaches what he calls “Brain Balming a new technique utilizing this newly-discovered gut brain to help our other brain think smarter.

  • In this interview David will share:
    • What is the second brain?
    • Why do so few of us know that this brain even exists
    • The one thing that this new brain can’t do that is its greatest asset
    • “Brain-balming” – What is it and how does it work?
    • What’s the most important feature of this new brain that neurologists can’t study?
    • The answer to a problem about thinking that troubled Albert Einstein
    • The strange connection between the gut brain and the ancient story of David & Goliath

This interview with David will be fast-paced and exciting for any listener who wants to learn more about how they can get better results out of living life without over-worry and stress by using what they already have right now where they are.
David Parsons is a self-described ‘Brain-Balmer’ and the writer of the upcoming book “The Gut Brain Balm”.  David is also a blogger and explains his vision as doing with human potential what Einstein did for physics. Reach David for your next interview via phone: (604) 703-5579, via email: davidp@mobiusman.com or on Skype: “davidthemobiusman”, or learn more at https://mobiusman.com.


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2010: The year of the H.E.R.O.

Over the last decade most of my time was spent in the business of putting together the one thing that I have wanted for a long time.  The ability to offer the world the fruit of my life’s work: the H.E.R.O. Personal Success Discover eMachine.

When I started out I was not a writer, a scientist, a doctor, or a personal trainer, or even a marketer.

I wasn’t a lot of things. I’m still not.

The only professional training I got was that which I went to college for – a graphic art’s diploma.

Woopty-do! That was useful (yeah right).

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