A Bridge Too Far

I don’t get to the movies much so I haven’t got a lot of memories of too many of them. But back in 1977 I went to see a war picture called “A bridge too far“. I don’t remember why I want because I don’t really like war pics.

It had a lot of great actors in it though. Guys like Michael Caine, James Caan, and the famous actor of  the Bond movies 007 Sean Connery.  This was a true story which took place in 1944 in the middle of the second world war.  It is known in history as “operation Market Garden”.

The Allies wanted to finish the war early and so poured everything into this operation. It didn’t go well. Not well at all.

Allied paratroops land in Holland 1944
Allied paratroops land in Holland 1944

The German forces were stronger than anticipated and in the end it was declared an “Allied operational failure”.  Now we know it was the worst in history with over 17,000 casualties. One of the bridges they were trying to capture was just too darn far.

Kind a bit-off-more-than-we-can-chew type of thing.

Ever have one of those? I have, and it used to stress me out to the nines. It can do a lot of damage to your mindset that’s for sure.

Lucky I took this a long time ago and now I get an automatic buffering effect whenever a bad turn happens. It’s still not a cake-walk but it allows me to stay on track.  A lot better than the alternative.

More power to you.

A Bridge Too Far

Private Libraries

When I was in high school I’d sometimes walk over to my dad’s office so I could catch a ride home with him.  Often I’d have to wait at least an hour. To pass the time I’d go across the street to the building that was the main library. I loved going there because there was so much to look at.

I’d look at books on business ideas mostly because I wanted to have the mindset of an entrepreneur when I grew up.

I’d examine the great stories of past successful businessmen and marvel at how rich they became. I was fascinated to learn about their stories of how they struggled to overcome difficulty and hardship.  Of course I did go on to become an entrepreneur myself and I too had to overcome many things in my efforts to get the job done.

My Private Library

But it wasn’t until I had stumbled upon what would become known as the H.E.R.O. eMachine, and used it myself, that I was to realize the importance of the hidden private libraries that people must be walking  around with every day. Within these are the forgotten stories of successes gone by.

Through my work with H.E.R.O. I am well aware of the power that they possess. Power to transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

I’ve seen it first hand.

Entering these private libraries and helping their owners to Uncover these stories are one of the things that  H.E.R.O. is designed to do. The other is to form a connection to the root core energy that allowed them to form.

I am blessed indeed to now be able to help so many access their own private libraries. Help them to expose the hidden drive that all those stories link to and be a witnesses to the transformation that then occurs.

The shy become confident. The fearful daring. The directionless gain passion.

What libraries I’ve seen!


Minus and Plus

minus and plus signs

When you start anything new you are usually drawn to it (+). That’s because you’re looking at the great possibilities for all the goodness that you envision. It’s all part of the packaging of the new and different.

But then, after a while, the difficulties and problems start to arise as you try to grasp the newness and gain control of it. If it’s a new business you’re starting for example, it can be really fun in the beginning until customers start demanding better service and supplier’s want their accounts paid up.

It can get so bad that you might want to run away (-) and hide.

I know what it’s like.  I’ve started many small businesses that failed miserably. But I couldn’t run away (-) from the worst one because it was in farming and there were livestock involved who had to be milked every day. I had to ride that one right till the day they came in trucks and picked up all of our goats and sent them to the processor. That was a big (-) I can tell you.

Existence is filled with these things (-). Few and far between are the (+) it seems. Especially these days.

But I found a way to change that and it helped a lot of people with the (-) in their lives. But I had to stay with the process of learning about the newness I called H.E.R.O. well enough to be able to articulate its story.

Glad I did too. So will you because there could be a pile of (-) heading your way and this can make you strong enough to turn a lot of the (-) into (+).

And that, my friend, is  going to keep you from moving away from things that might be good for you to moving closer to them.

More power to you.


Getting ready

You know how to never get things done? Spend time getting ready for them.

Sounds deeply intuitive but it’s just plain old common sense.  The beginning of a thing can be a real trap if you work on it too long. You lose momentum.  The juices slow down then stop flowing and the temptation to jump to something else becomes too strong to fight. So you find yourself flipping from one thing to another.  It’s murder on the mindset.

My problem is I have a perfectionist tendency. If it’s in the genes I probably got it from my father.  He was an osteopath. As a trained doctor who was treating up to 30 patients a day making sure you are right before you snap someone’s neck back into alignment was probably a good plan.

But I’m in the creative end of things so it’s not a good fit here. I need to move fast and loose. Come up with good ideas and sometimes crappy ones too. It’s just a thinking stew pot so stir it.

Who cares? Keep moving.

When I’m not moving quickly I get tired.  So tired I feel like I could sleep standing up. Then I just want to go in and have a nice snooze.

But in doing that I’ve wasted a lot of time over the years. It’s only occasionally useful if I wake up quickly with a start because I have an idea rumbling in my gut begging to reach my brain.  It needs me to start to work writing about it. So that’s what I’m going to do.

From now on I’ll be adopting this as my modis operundi on this blog.

Every day for the next month.

I’ve now realized that every day and every night form a kind of template that look a lot like a mobius. They magically turn into the next day and there’s no obvious seam between them.

There’s no start point and there’s certainly no end point.

So what am I getting so ready for?