What’s This All About?


A lot of people that check out this blog wonder:

“What the heck is a Mobius man?” and  “What’s mindset immunity?”

I have some really long answers and some short answers. I’m  guessing that you’d prefer the short answer right?.

Thought so.

Ok here goes:

What’s a Mobiusman? The Mobius Strip is something that I’ve been smitten by since I was 12 years old and found it in a math book. For me it is the quintessential metaphor for transformation and integration. I use it a lot to explain the mystery of persistence and where the location of this phenomenal drive’s core source in humans can be found. I like it so much I’ve named my domain after it.

What’s Mindset Immunity? This is a theory that I’m proposing is like the natural body’s immune system but for the for the thinking mindset. It operates to protect and heal in a similar way to how the body is protected by the physical immune system. Just one problem. It’s extremely slow acting in most people. I’ve found solution to that though.  It’s a little online tool I have developed called the H.E.R.O. eMachine that will speed up the rate of mindset immunity many times over in most cases.

As this relates to personal development I should point out that mindset immunity is NOT a zonking out of one’s capacity to feel anything. In fact, if anything, it’s a raising of one’s awareness without causing any undue vulnerability.

That’s the skinny of it anyway.

More power to you.

Questions/Answers – Think and Grow Rich

 Is Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill Enough To Build A Strong Belief In Yourself?

Napoleon Hill still looks good to a lot of people trying to strengthen their mindsetI’ve written about Napoleon Hill before. But recently I was in an online forum and I’m always amazed at the attention and interest the work of  Napoleon Hill still get’s so many decades after his death.

In the post I was reading the person who started the thread was asking people to explain in our own words what we thought Hills most famous book was all about. Elsewhere on the same thread the poster came back and commented that he thought it was about faith and total belief.

Here’s how I responded:

You are absolutely right on about the total belief thing. But here’s the rub. Any belief no matter what it is about can only be established through one of these two ways:

1. Argument – a story, a discussion, a great book read over and over such as Think and Grow Rich (you get the idea) 2. Hard evidence – If you put your finger over a flame you will from then on be able to totally believe anyone who says that fire burns.

Now, I’m sure that you would agree hard evidence trumps mere argument any day.

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