David Parsons - aka Mobiusman

I’m David Parsons. Seventy years ago I was born in Ottawa Ontario, Canada’s capital city. I now live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I moved here with my wife over forty years ago. I’m the guy behind the hypothesis of Mindset Immunity and the development of the HERO Tour. The former is a benefit of using the latter, something I call the Mobius Effect.

Because of what I’ve discovered over the last 40 years or so I’ve become quite critical of the self-help industry. You could say I’m a self-help disrupter, a personal development mutineer, or a self-improvement heretic. I don’t apologize for that I just know there’s a better way to get better at being better.

The insights about human betterment that I write about are created for people who need and want an alternative to the thing we call self-help. I recognize that, if there’s one thing that’s over-abundant in this world, it’s failure. Failure to keep the body disease-free and our thinking unease free.

I don’t want to eliminate failure because that’s how we learn things. I just want to reduce the mental and physical turmoil it causes.

Join me.

Let’s get to it. I’ll help you.

More power to you.

David W. Parsons

(AKA: Mobiusman)


Together with Lorna, his wife, business partner, and best friend of three decades they operate Mobius Transformations which is now working daily to help people make the switch from only using mindset to adding in “brainset” for more awareness and insight.

David is the world’s only trainer teaching the optimization of the dual-brain system. An expert on the nature of the persistence mindset David continues working on new videos, podcasts, and web presentations that feature new information on his “mindset immunity” hypothesis.

On his personal blog David comments on his work in human development and the state of the human mindset today. David is currently working on his new book “The Gut Brain Balm”.

You can contact David for interviews, guest appearances, and keynotes. If you are seeking consultation for business and industrial applications of Mindset Immunity feel free to contact him for more information or leave a note in the comments section below.

Skype: “DavidTheMobiusman” (Mention this page in your request for connection so he’ll recognize you. Otherwise your request for a connection could be ignored.)

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