Man walking on rough terrain - black on whiteLearn by doing

It’s an idea that was introduced and promoted by the American educator/philosopher John Dewey (October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952).

He was no slouch in the field of education. He was also a bit of a radical. He saw that education (which is from the Latin “educare” – to bring up, rear, educate) was not so much a thing that should necessarily be used to prepare us for a future life but “a process of living” in the present.

This is interesting because as they say “experience is the best teacher”.

In my life and in my work LBD is where it’s at. I see it as the best process by which our success history gets created then encoded in our memory.

The ability to recall specific success events and to use that to then visually observe the root source of our personal accomplishment is the advantage all humans have over all other creatures on Earth. To “see” our own persistence in living color may be a strange but a wonderful phenomenon.

It’s the basis of the old tenet: Success breeds more success.

The best we can do to get better at being good humans is to keep doing that which is beneficial to ourselves and to others because an action like that creates an absolute, and traceable, truth.

If you accomplished anything at all – tying you shoes, riding a bike, building a log house – you exercised a spark that get’s added to you as a person. It becomes a particle of that memory and it matters big time. Your immune system even works this way too. That’s how it get’s better at protecting you.

Once you know how to do something, because you had the courage to put fear aside and actually try and keep trying till you completed it, is something that no one can ever take away from you.

It’s at times like this you then “learn by doing” how to be become a hero… to yourself.

More power to you all.