The Willing and the Desperate

Mobius Monday Minute logo# 16  May 16, 2011

In a lot of places the economy is still in the dumper. When faced with challenges like we are going through these days people can be found who are willing to do all kinds of stuff to pull through. Allowing your house to be used as a billboard might be just the answer for some.

But others are way more desperate.

Police in the Scottish region of Tayside were appealing for information after four bee hives containing several thousand British black bees were stolen from a medical school in the city of Dundee. The black bees which are reported to be easily recognized, were part of a research project at the Centre for Neurosciences at the Dundee University’s medical school.

People do strange things when they feel they need to. Even if it means breaking the law. Apparently it’s not much different in the world of personal growth either. Seminars have for years been conducted that take participants across dangerous territory, climb high mountains, and in a few cases even leads them to sit and endure extremely high temperatures in a jury-rigged “sweat lodge”.

I always thought that self growth was an important pursuit and all the business advice I’ve read makes it clear that, believing in one’s self for example, is paramount to success attainment.

But I think it should be simpler. And safer.

That’s why I spent over thirty years of my life perfecting a simple little tweak that works to supercharge your efforts at being a better you. And you don’t even have to go outside your house to do it.

I’ll tell you more about it here.

More power to you.
David is the developer of the H.E.R.O. eMachine