Are You Are “As You Think”?


Thinking is something all of us do plenty of every day.

The question is: How does our thinking effect how we “are”?  (Such as our state of health for example)

Generally speaking thinking comes in just two sizes: positive and negative.

Let’s take a quick look at positive thinking first.

According to author Deepack Chopra “thoughts become biology”. If this is true then it follows that if you’re consistently thinking negatively your body will be expressing this attitude in its own state of health. Indeed patients who have a poor outlook about their recovery seem to impede the healing process taking place within them

But positive thinking patients don’t always automatically do well just because they think good thoughts.

For example, after radical bone cancer treatment, one-legged cross-Canada runner Terry Fox, had to interrupt his “Marathon Of Hope” and was again back in hospital after cancer was found in his lungs. Publicly he always said that he would soon return to finish the run but, sadly, never did. He died soon afterwards at the age of just 23.

So, does how we “think” soon become how we “are” physically?

The jury is still out and the debate rages on.

Want my two cents?

I think it’s not just thought that can appear to affect our biology but the state of our nature. A positive nature is not quite the same domain as a mind that only works to positive think on demand.

Having a positive nature is way more organic. It is a state that is established more from what you ‘feel’ inside of you than what your head can think up. Compare the two and thinking just doesn’t cut it at all.

The old maxim I often quote here is the famous mantra “Be, Do, Have”. A state of “being” is a powerful thing not subject to the rapid changes often found in our thoughts or in the attitudes formed by them. Interestingly, a positive nature is something that as very young children we almost all possess.

In my H.E.R.O. workshops conducted over the last thirty years or so, I have witnessed many participants who have declared that they felt more youthful and indeed went on to become better at being themselves.  It seems that when we’re closer to a state of joy we are naturally more open to maintaining a healthy, more youthful body too.

Till next time, more power to you all.