A Silly Little Paper Band and A Phenomenon – Part 2

Gut Brain, Gut Feelings, and a Greek Philosopher.

In my last post I talked about the invention of the mobius strip 150 years ago. I described how I was so struck by it when I first saw it that I named my company after it: Mobius Transformations. I briefly mentioned that, to me and to the work that I do, this funny little band of paper with a half-twist in it has an enormous metaphorical meaning.

In this post I’d like to detail some of the more important aspects of that meaning. I’ll detail how they all relate to the building of an amazing mindset enabled by the enervation of the gut brain that, for you and for the sake of your future, will be as solid as a rock.

The Human Mobius

If you look closely at a mobius strip the most astounding thing you’ll discover about it is that, while there was once two sides and two edges on that flat strip of paper, there is now only one. This in essence is the main qualifier for the mobius strip becoming our mascot. It involves this dualness becoming singleness and by extension it suggests the relationship between how the human ‘thinks” and “feels”.

Side Note: In case you may have missed it my main interest is the proper construction of your mindset. My passion is the discovery of a little known phenomenon involving the gut brain that gives your mindset an unusual strength that resists all ongoing negative factors working against your success. I believe this type of strength is an absolute requirement for any entrepreneur today especially given the uncertain times we are now living in.


AristotleI believe that the center for thought lies in the heart and that the brain helps cool the body” -Aristotle 384-322 BC


This quote has always interested me since it seems to go against today’s prevailing tradition that the brain is king above all. If it’s true then we might have to re-think the way we think.

Aristotle, who was personally involved in the training of Alexander the Great, clearly indicated that the duality as it exists in man, is something that he was looking at with great wonderment.

Personally, in making this statement I believe he wasn’t far off the mark. Twelve years ago I noticed an interesting article in the New York Times that reinforced that belief.

Working in a lab at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New-York, Dr. Michael Gershon a professor of anatomy and cell biology, made an important observation: The human body has two sets of brains: the one we’re familiar with that exists in the head and a lesser-known one placed deep within the human gut. A crude but essential gut brain!

Gut Feelings

Now, I wasn’t there and neither we’re you but, what do you think Aristotle could have experienced or observed that caused him to say such a thing concerning the human brain and gut? Do you think that maybe he identified something like a “gut feeling” or a “hunch” besides his usual conscious analytical thoughts?

I know for sure I’ve experienced the odd “hunch” more than a few times and I’m almost certain that you have too. Is it the “center for thought”? Well, it certainly has helped a lot of very seriously successful entrepreneurs to make on-the-spot critical decisions there’s no denying that. You can read about it in the written accounts of their lives. I know in my own case it has literally helped to save my proverbial bacon on more than one occasion.

Ok, now what about that “head helps cool the body thing”?

Interestingly, medical experts have long said that you can loose a lot of body heat through your head. Up to 50% based on the relative size of area exposed. This becomes pretty real if you just go for a brisk walk around the block in freezing temperatures without a good hat on. You’ll realize your mother was right.

Aristotle’s observations turn out to have a reality of truth to them wouldn’t you say? This head and heart thing is again pointing to a duality in man isn’t it? What’s interesting about it is that this duality in humans again points back to our reference of the “human mobius”. Could this then be the key that opens up a whole new world of power for you as an entrepreneur?

If these observations have stirred something in you just wait. It gets even better and I’ll be talking you deeper into this rabbit hole in my next post.

Until then,

More power to you my friend.


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