Belief in you

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford

Belief is a powerful thing. It can define a life in either direction be it good or bad.

But belief is established two ways: via argument or hard evidence.

A really good argument could be made about the finding that fire burns. All sorts of facts could be brought to bear to reinforce the argument that if you put your finger near a lit match you’ll be burned by its heat.

But an argument, no matter how well it’s put together can’t hold a candle to hard evidence. I can tell you all sorts of things but it’s only if you try it yourself that it really hits home.

“I just burned my finger!” is the discovery of a fact that builds instant belief and nothing can change that. A belief like that will be there till the end of days because it’s tactile and sensory perception creates realness.

Mindset is trickier. It can build a seemingly credible belief even though the evidence to back it up is only imagined.  So, if you think you can’t do a thing you are right about that. Chances are you’ll unknowingly conduct yourself in ways that only add to this belief  making it so strong that it seems to become  a part of who you are.

You probably won’t even try after that.

But, of course, there are rare exceptions. Susan Boyle is in the class of one or two percent that actually takes a chance to get their day in the sun.

She believed he could do it and he was right. It will be for her an unforgettable moment.

…More power to you my friends.