“IF” The dream house of cards.


Haven’t we all heard someone say (maybe even ourselves) that “if” only I could…”

It’s a common thing to daydream about a better life. Problem is building a better life takes some work. Often it’s really hard work. Add to that the fact that this really hard work can take something else: T-I-M-E!

The thinking that causes this kind of dreaming is forced from a base mindset built on bad code. Code that looks like this: HAVE – DO – BE.

It displays crappy thinking that produces a motivation and that motivation is a huge energy and time waster. From there  a huge matrix of thought patterns is generated that say stuff like ” If I only had (insert item ) I could do …(insert activity) and then I would be… (insert self-image).

It’s a dangerous house of cards.  The dream very rarely matches reality.

In Derek’s blog he tells of what can happen when this dream get’s out of hand. It can be very costly, not just in dollars but in the motivational shift from a high to a low. Then discouragement sets in to finish us off.

Quitting time.

Game over for this dreamer ( and many more like him).

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying we need to stop reaching for the stars. Far from it. But we need to change the base code from which all this hopeful thinking is generated.

Like this: BE – DO – HAVE.

Want to change your life? Get to “be” first.

More power to you all…