Private Libraries

When I was in high school I’d sometimes walk over to my dad’s office so I could catch a ride home with him.  Often I’d have to wait at least an hour. To pass the time I’d go across the street to the building that was the main library. I loved going there because there was so much to look at.

I’d look at books on business ideas mostly because I wanted to have the mindset of an entrepreneur when I grew up.

I’d examine the great stories of past successful businessmen and marvel at how rich they became. I was fascinated to learn about their stories of how they struggled to overcome difficulty and hardship.  Of course I did go on to become an entrepreneur myself and I too had to overcome many things in my efforts to get the job done.

My Private Library

But it wasn’t until I had stumbled upon what would become known as the H.E.R.O. eMachine, and used it myself, that I was to realize the importance of the hidden private libraries that people must be walking  around with every day. Within these are the forgotten stories of successes gone by.

Through my work with H.E.R.O. I am well aware of the power that they possess. Power to transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

I’ve seen it first hand.

Entering these private libraries and helping their owners to Uncover these stories are one of the things that  H.E.R.O. is designed to do. The other is to form a connection to the root core energy that allowed them to form.

I am blessed indeed to now be able to help so many access their own private libraries. Help them to expose the hidden drive that all those stories link to and be a witnesses to the transformation that then occurs.

The shy become confident. The fearful daring. The directionless gain passion.

What libraries I’ve seen!