Turning Failure Inside Out

From the earliest days of my working life I have been hearing that I could do anything I set my mind to. Perhaps you have too. For me though it didn’t always turn out to be immediately true .

That’s because I always seemed to run into things.

They’re called barriers.

Those little (and sometimes not so little) difficulties we all run in to. These barriers could be things like lack of money, distance between places, or other people. Sometimes they ganged up on me to a point that it caused me to take no action at all; thinking any action I took was going to be useless. That’s how they attacked my mindset and caused me to fail.

I failed grade nine twice. I failed at several businesses. I failed at relationships.

Make a Mobius Strip #1

Make a Mbius Strip #2

Make a Mobius Strip #3

Then I made a discovery that changed the way I looked at failure forever. I was the magic of the mobius strip that made me see it. This is the little paper strip invented over 150 years ago by Dr. Ferdinand Mobius. I now use it in my presentations to show that failure is only a stepping stone to success and that in fact failure, if you can withstand enough of it, always leads to success.

Success, it turns out, is a mathematical certainty. All you need do is to keep showing up.

I also discovered exactly how anyone can gain the strengths needed to endure the bitterness of repeated failures and not give up. And Instead to gain the intelligence that such experience brings. (No books on the subject do that.)

This has become my life’s work and my greatest contribution to value in the world.

Like Thomas Edison said after trying to make a practical light bulb: ” Now we know 10,000 things that won’t work.”

If only I’d heard that little gem in grade nine.

More power to you my friends and the best of the Christmas season to you and yours.