2010: The year of the H.E.R.O.

Over the last decade most of my time was spent in the business of putting together the one thing that I have wanted for a long time.  The ability to offer the world the fruit of my life’s work: the H.E.R.O. Personal Success Discover eMachine.

When I started out I was not a writer, a scientist, a doctor, or a personal trainer, or even a marketer.

I wasn’t a lot of things. I’m still not.

The only professional training I got was that which I went to college for – a graphic art’s diploma.

Woopty-do! That was useful (yeah right).

The year I graduated was 1970. Back then a new tool was just coming into the world.  It was called a computer but here’s the problem. The college I attended didn’t have one and didn’t know all that much about them.  So, as fate would have it, I wouldn’t get into them at all until darn near twenty five years later when I acquired one as part of a barter from a lady who’s house I painted for her.

A few years after art college I learned that the commercial art industry I’d trained for could use a computer to set type. Using photo paper it could set body type and headlines but that was only if you had both machines. Each of which was about the size of an average under-the-counter bar-fridge.

I won’t even talk about the cost. It was pricey but the studio in which I was working as a salesman in was lucky because it had a wealthy money-bags lawyer as a partner who could afford this type of new machinery. All of it was installed in a special room with a dedicated operator typing away on it all day long.

Now of course those big elephant computers have long gone to the world of the re-cycle bin. Today’s new ones have taken over and have been responsible for creating a sea change in the world as we know it.

As this year happens another sea change will just begin to evolve in how we ourselves as humans might function. Not just because computers are getting better, and there’s more of them, but because the H.E.R.O. eMachine will finally be easily accessed by those who have a computer. It will used by those who desire to have a greater adaptability to rapid change that effects their lives.

Personal development will now start to evolve. It really hasn’t been all that changed since Napoleon Hill published “Think and Grow Rich” over seventy years ago. Great book and I appreciated it as much as much as anyone.

But, like those first big old computers, it’s just not as easy to use as something like H.E.R.O. is and that, my friends, is what will make this a year a really exciting one.