Mindset Crumple Zones

Crumple zones help
Crumple zones help

Crumple zones work by managing crash energy, absorbing it within the outer sections of the vehicle, rather than being directly transmitted to the occupants, while also preventing intrusion into or deformation of the passenger cabin. This better protects car occupants against injury.

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I love the idea of crumple zones.  They have saved a lot of lives in car accidents since they were introduced by Mercedes-Benz in the 1950’s.

But I have a new use of the term. What if a type of crumple zone was available for the human thinking so that when some negative experience happens in their lives people can feel less injury?

Believe it or not that is the function of my life’s work in developing a way to better utilize an unknown human ability: To be aware of  and to enhance the effectiveness of a hidden immune system for the thinking.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

I’ll admit it may sound like a science fiction story. But all you have to do is recall the last time you had what you believe is a really serious negative experience in your life. For a few individuals, especially successful entrepreneurs for example, they tend to get over such a thing fairly quickly but a whole lot of the rest of us don’t.

Like a divorce for example.

I know of someone, I’ll call “June” who is about to go through a tremendous devastation in her life. She has three young children. Her husband of four years has turned out to be bit of a brute. She is seeking a way to file for divorce while, at the same time, keeping control of how the children will be cared for. He’s living in the family home’s basement.

Meanwhile she keeps at her regular job. This situation has been going on for months. I don’t think she sleeps that well at night.

Then there’s a guy I’ll call “Ernie”.

Two and a half years ago he had an injury at work. He hasn’t worked ever since and, although he has a couple of kids from two failed marriages (one a teen and the other a very cute four year-old), he decided to move into his parents’ house where he still remains. He is getting medical treatment for his injury and is awaiting a doctor’s permission to get back to work. The real problem is he’s not getting that much younger and he doesn’t have much confidence in himself to try to get into something other than construction.

Not a situation that is high on the happiness scale.

Interestingly, these two examples of life’s troubles do create stress but haven’t devastated these people completely.  At least not yet.

They remain doing some things they love although it’s a struggle every day to make real change for a more meaningful life.

In my opinion they are both in the proverbial rut. They could be there for a long time.

What I’m getting to is that troubles in life generally are considered normal. We usually resolve our troubles, at least to some extent, although usually it takes a lot of time and often betterment is only at a minimal level.

For far too many this tends to take away the enjoyment of life in general.

Interestingly though we humans must have some sort of natural ability to continue to get by even when a difficult time persists. The problem is though it often takes a very long time before the negative effects become somewhat resolved or the stress from them somewhat eased.

In my own life I’ve come to realize that this is very much similar to the body’s ability to repair itself from disease or infection.

For the last four years I’ve had to deal with Graves disease.  It’s an auto-immune dis-function. Hypothyroidism they call it.  The body appears to be on a course of speeding up digestion of every available body cell.  I was starting to get really thin and weak.

I refused the prescribed medical treatment and instead I got on to some high quality natural supplements  and now, three years later, everything seems fine again.

My doctor was somewhat amazed that I recovered to a point that I now have absolutely no symptoms at all despite refusing his prescription.

Interestingly I was never all that emotionally downtrodden even though this disease, I was told in no uncertain terms, could be fatal without medical help.

Could the fact that I had done H.E.R.O. myself years ago allowed me to resist the negative aspirations of a serious disease? Could the increased speed of my mindset immunity actually assist my physical turnaround?

I think it must have.

The human immune system in most of us has an amazing capability. It utilizes a tremendous ability to operate with unparalleled intelligence. It can set to work on overcoming a certain invader almost instantly the minute it is recognized.

I think you can think of it as an amazing crumple zone for physical health (although in my case for a few years at least it seemed to have reversed itself during my Graves disease experience).

But there’s a problem when it comes to the thinking mindset in many adults.

Immunity, if it exists in the realm of the thinking mindset at all, does not seem to be working at the same speed in this realm as it does in the physical.

Even when a person has the benefit of the usual programs in personal development or professional therapy a return to a somewhat natural emotional wellness can take months or sometimes years and the cost is hugely expensive.

Over the last ten years I’ve come perfect a new tool that assists a type of human immunity. Not the one that acts on the physical of course (I’m not a doctor) but the one that acts on the ethereal. It seems to enable mindset immunity to speed up by a huge percentage and to therefor create a new advantage in one’s gain of their personal development.

In January 2010 I will publicly launch this new tool to all those in North America.

As of now I’m seeking 25 serious people who would like to experience this new phenomenon in their own life. No need to explain to me what your problem is either. I’m not a counselor and we don’t need to get into it to resolve the problem anyway. You’ll be doing that on your own automatically after H.E.R.O. has been completed.

It will be done on-line from wherever your have your computer situated in North America.

My system only looks at how your success history has been done in your past. One day is all it takes and, because benefits seem to be permanent, repeat attempts to use this new tool are not needed nor will they allowed.

To apply for a free mindset immunity experience through the use of H.E.R.O. leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll get back to you.