Canada’s Birthday

Today is Canada’s birthday so I’m relaxing and stuffing myself with birthday cake (if I can find any that is.)

Today got me thinking about the official motto. I’s actually in Latin in our coat of arms but it translates to “From Sea To Sea”.

May this could work as your outlook for your own path to personal growth.

All it needs is a little twist: “From See To See”.

If you “see” your accomplishments as actual positives then you should be able to feel the internal reward you got when each happened. That is a form of “seeing” that could result in locating the root source of the drive (your persistent nature) that caused those accomplishments to happen in the first place. Also strengthens mindset immunity like crazy.

That is, in a nutshell, how I’ve structured my main creation to work every time. I’m working on a way to give it to you for free. It should be ready soon.

Happy Birthday to you all, where ever you live.

More power to you.

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