Mobius Monday Minute #7

# 7 – Dec 20 , 2010

First Time Lucky.

first attempt at drawing can be a challenge
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I remember the first time I tried to draw a picture. It was a disaster. The pencil would not go where I wanted it to go. The lines were not where I planned them. What I thought I saw in my mind would not translate onto the blank page.

Not the first time anyway.

It got increasingly better as I practiced it but I was never a great illustrator. Being “first time lucky” at stuff didn’t happen for me. The probability is high that it didn’t happen for you either.

But since were talking about probabilities let’s look at the huge lottery you’ve already won by being born you at all.

It turns out that, according to one guy’s calculations the probability of you (or I) even existing at all are incredibly low. So low in fact that it’s hardly even worth talking about.

In this particular set of calculations, depending on far back you wish to go.

Fifty years, or just two generations for example, works out to 1 / 12,000,000,000. Not a good chance at all but it get’s worse.

If you went back, say, one million years it would be 42 with 403,149 zeros after it. I can’t even say that number because there isn’t a word for it.

All I can say is, you’ve already won big time in the lottery of life. You therefore have no reason to not try to do well in anything you put your hand to. And that you have lot’s to be grateful for.

Just understand that, like the rest of us humans, you will most likely fail at getting it right the first time you try something new.

You’re being “first time lucky” probably got used up when you were born. The rest is just learning to slug it out with persistence and determination.

More power to you

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