Mobius Monday Minute #7

# 7 – Dec 20 , 2010

First Time Lucky.

first attempt at drawing can be a challenge
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I remember the first time I tried to draw a picture. It was a disaster. The pencil would not go where I wanted it to go. The lines were not where I planned them. What I thought I saw in my mind would not translate onto the blank page.

Not the first time anyway.

It got increasingly better as I practiced it but I was never a great illustrator. Being “first time lucky” at stuff didn’t happen for me. The probability is high that it didn’t happen for you either.

But since were talking about probabilities let’s look at the huge lottery you’ve already won by being born you at all.

It turns out that, according to one guy’s calculations the probability of you (or I) even existing at all are incredibly low. So low in fact that it’s hardly even worth talking about.

In this particular set of calculations, depending on far back you wish to go.

Fifty years, or just two generations for example, works out to 1 / 12,000,000,000. Not a good chance at all but it get’s worse.

If you went back, say, one million years it would be 42 with 403,149 zeros after it. I can’t even say that number because there isn’t a word for it.

All I can say is, you’ve already won big time in the lottery of life. You therefore have no reason to not try to do well in anything you put your hand to. And that you have lot’s to be grateful for.

Just understand that, like the rest of us humans, you will most likely fail at getting it right the first time you try something new.

You’re being “first time lucky” probably got used up when you were born. The rest is just learning to slug it out with persistence and determination.

More power to you

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PS: If you’d like to see some free movies that explain certain aspects of Mindset Immunity go here.

The Greatest Motivational Mystery Of All Time

We’ve all heard it said that “your first choice is often your best choice” and “trust your gut feeling it’s usually right“.  This is something that is recognized as a phenomenon in many cultures the world over.  It has caused people to make major decisions based entirely on how it felt rather than how it looked regardless of how strongly others advised them against it. I think this has got to be the greatest motivational mystery of all time.

Recently I ran across an interesting video on Evan Carmichael’s site that suggests this same advice should be considered number one when making business decisions.  Check it out:[youtube][/youtube]


PS: If you want to learn more about how this  mysterious phenomenon, what I call the “mobius effect” fits in with my theory of Mindset Immunity then check this out.

More power to you,

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Getting ready

You know how to never get things done? Spend time getting ready for them.

Sounds deeply intuitive but it’s just plain old common sense.  The beginning of a thing can be a real trap if you work on it too long. You lose momentum.  The juices slow down then stop flowing and the temptation to jump to something else becomes too strong to fight. So you find yourself flipping from one thing to another.  It’s murder on the mindset.

My problem is I have a perfectionist tendency. If it’s in the genes I probably got it from my father.  He was an osteopath. As a trained doctor who was treating up to 30 patients a day making sure you are right before you snap someone’s neck back into alignment was probably a good plan.

But I’m in the creative end of things so it’s not a good fit here. I need to move fast and loose. Come up with good ideas and sometimes crappy ones too. It’s just a thinking stew pot so stir it.

Who cares? Keep moving.

When I’m not moving quickly I get tired.  So tired I feel like I could sleep standing up. Then I just want to go in and have a nice snooze.

But in doing that I’ve wasted a lot of time over the years. It’s only occasionally useful if I wake up quickly with a start because I have an idea rumbling in my gut begging to reach my brain.  It needs me to start to work writing about it. So that’s what I’m going to do.

From now on I’ll be adopting this as my modis operundi on this blog.

Every day for the next month.

I’ve now realized that every day and every night form a kind of template that look a lot like a mobius. They magically turn into the next day and there’s no obvious seam between them.

There’s no start point and there’s certainly no end point.

So what am I getting so ready for?

What’s This All About?


A lot of people that check out this blog wonder:

“What the heck is a Mobius man?” and  “What’s mindset immunity?”

I have some really long answers and some short answers. I’m  guessing that you’d prefer the short answer right?.

Thought so.

Ok here goes:

What’s a Mobiusman? The Mobius Strip is something that I’ve been smitten by since I was 12 years old and found it in a math book. For me it is the quintessential metaphor for transformation and integration. I use it a lot to explain the mystery of persistence and where the location of this phenomenal drive’s core source in humans can be found. I like it so much I’ve named my domain after it.

What’s Mindset Immunity? This is a theory that I’m proposing is like the natural body’s immune system but for the for the thinking mindset. It operates to protect and heal in a similar way to how the body is protected by the physical immune system. Just one problem. It’s extremely slow acting in most people. I’ve found solution to that though.  It’s a little online tool I have developed called the H.E.R.O. eMachine that will speed up the rate of mindset immunity many times over in most cases.

As this relates to personal development I should point out that mindset immunity is NOT a zonking out of one’s capacity to feel anything. In fact, if anything, it’s a raising of one’s awareness without causing any undue vulnerability.

That’s the skinny of it anyway.

More power to you.