Dark Energy and You


It was just a few days ago that I heard about it on the nightly news.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the universe is not expanding at a steady rate after all. It’s speeding up.

In a way that’s bad news. It’s bad news because eventually, some day far off in the future, when we look up into the night sky we will perhaps see our moon but that’s about it.

Like you needed more bad news eh?

Sorry about that.

The only reason I mention it is because of why these brainy guys and gals are reporting this phenomena. They’re calling it dark energy. It doesn’t mean that they’ve figured out what exactly it is of course.  Far from it. When they don’t know what something is they always call it “dark” – whatever.

They not only have a name like “dark energy” but one called “dark matter” too. What they do know is that, whatever it is, there is a heck of a lot of it out there and it’s the reason why the universe is expanding faster that they once thought.

To me that’s quite interesting because, as I have been talking notes about itfor my book the last two weeks or so. Like those scientists I think there is a lot of dark stuff right here on terra firma and it’s inside of every human who lives here.

The universe is obviously a hostile place. That dark energy will eventually tear the place apart (in a billion years or so). But if it’s hostile “out there” in the inverse it’s quite the opposite inside of us.

Take the good old gut feeling for example. In my theory of Mindset Immunity I describe this unknown energy that we can feel from time to time as “friendly”. If you’ve ever made a decision based on how something feels rather than how it looks then you’ve probably seen a benefit – if not immediately then at some time later.

My point is that this dark energy, which by the way, has enough weight to it to enervate our very sensitive nerve endings located in our gut brain also must be intelligent and somewhat caring about our personal welfare.

Now I can’t prove any of this stuff myself, since I’m not a scientist, but I can read books and reports about the human body. It is a fact that the individual neurons that make up our nervous systems don’t actually touch each other. There is a gap between them called the “synapse”. They actually sort of float in a very thin clear watery substance. These tiny long string-like cells, science says, then send chemical messages to each other through the synapse.

Since I found out about that I wondered: “What is in the empty dark spaces between the nerve cells?”  If there is that much of it then it must be an important constituent in our makeup. And what if the “dark energy” is lurking in all that seemingly empty space?

If I’m right then whatever you want to call it be it “dark” or not it could be worth investigating. That’s exactly what I plan to do in subsequent posts on this blog and in future webinars.

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More power to you.

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Our Historical Record

fossils can tell us much about the past
Fossils leave us evidence about the past

Mobius Monday Minute #8 – Dec 27, 2010

Cold hard history.

Heard a cool thing today on CBC radio.  Apparently they are dong some experimental research on osteoporosis and they are using… wait for it, 30,000 year-old woolly mammoth tusk!

Now I don’t have all the details but it has something to do with the fact that ivory turns quite translucent when it ages. The researchers will slice very thin sections off the tusk and use them for comparison studies.

The Yukon-based paleontologist Grant Zazula was taken aback by the whole idea. He never imagined in a million years that he would be able to assist medical research.

On the other side of the globe another paleontologist Abderrazak El Albani has written a commentary on the finding of a multicellular organism that pushes back the fossil record for such life forms to 2.1 billion years ago and suggesting that these forms of life existed 200 million years earlier than scientists had thought.

El Albani, of the Université de Poitiers in France, said his team had simply been looking to study the sediments at the black shale formations in Gabon, in west Africa, when they came across the fossils.

That’s the thing about history.  It has a way of giving us secrets we would have missed otherwise.

But, unless you’re a paleontologist, how much can you really care about some old bones or a clump of rock with some fossils in it?

Probably not much.

Let’s face it, the most relevant history is your own – especially if it relates to your past success.  That’s the only history that I’ve been working with for years. When a client chooses to step into my virtual machine and uses it to locate the vastness of energy that has backed his of her persistent achievement things get very interesting.

Find out more by checking this out.

More power to you.

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Mobius Monday Minute #7

# 7 – Dec 20 , 2010

First Time Lucky.

first attempt at drawing can be a challenge
Photo: Morguefile

I remember the first time I tried to draw a picture. It was a disaster. The pencil would not go where I wanted it to go. The lines were not where I planned them. What I thought I saw in my mind would not translate onto the blank page.

Not the first time anyway.

It got increasingly better as I practiced it but I was never a great illustrator. Being “first time lucky” at stuff didn’t happen for me. The probability is high that it didn’t happen for you either.

But since were talking about probabilities let’s look at the huge lottery you’ve already won by being born you at all.

It turns out that, according to one guy’s calculations the probability of you (or I) even existing at all are incredibly low. So low in fact that it’s hardly even worth talking about.

In this particular set of calculations, depending on far back you wish to go.

Fifty years, or just two generations for example, works out to 1 / 12,000,000,000. Not a good chance at all but it get’s worse.

If you went back, say, one million years it would be 42 with 403,149 zeros after it. I can’t even say that number because there isn’t a word for it.

All I can say is, you’ve already won big time in the lottery of life. You therefore have no reason to not try to do well in anything you put your hand to. And that you have lot’s to be grateful for.

Just understand that, like the rest of us humans, you will most likely fail at getting it right the first time you try something new.

You’re being “first time lucky” probably got used up when you were born. The rest is just learning to slug it out with persistence and determination.

More power to you

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PS: If you’d like to see some free movies that explain certain aspects of Mindset Immunity go here.

Spreading germy thoughts

man sneezing
Photo by placbo - Flickr

This morning I was listening to the radio morning show on CBC. Every week they have a medical doctor on and he reports on some interesting findings from the world of medicine. According to the good doctor in past years lots of medical doctors and nurses showed up for work even if they knew they had a flu or cold. They thought that they were being of more service to their patients then not being there for them at all.

Of course, the fact that one sneeze can send out over 40,000 droplets of water full of active viruses into the office air, and could therefor easily spread the disease to the other patients, wasn’t fully considered that big a problem. After all the thinking back then was that no one was ever going to die from a cold or flu.

But that was before H1N1 cam along. That changed things forever and it’s a different story now.

But this is a blog is about mindset not medicine so I do need to draw a connection here and so here it is.

No matter if they be they embodied in physical viruses or negative thoughts damaging factors can easily spread, populate, and infect new hosts in very similar ways. For example, in offices everywhere managers have noticed that it only takes one worker voicing negativity to bring down the well-being of the entire work group.

Sound familiar?

That to me is a clear indication that thinking systems mirror the physical system as seen in the body. But the body has an advantage.  It’s got an immune system that, if maintained in health, does an excellent job of handling invading pathogens on a daily basis. Unfortunately the one corrective system that I believe is present in the mindset is itself very slow acting.

So slow in fact as to appear to not be present at all. That leaves the thinking much more susceptible to negative invaders. In fact studies show this to be true. Our daily thoughts, they report, are on average about 70% negative.

So what kind of flu are you helping to spread?

More Power to you.