Happy Monday

Well here it is the start of another work week.  It’s now fall and the it’s cooler now. The leaves are falling off the trees and stuff looks like it’s all dying.

Geez. I used to hate this time of year. Summer’s over and school is well under way. You know what happens then? You start feeling crappy.

Are you having one of those days when you’re feeling beat down, run down, turned down, turned off or used up?

A lot of us are feeling that way lately and no wonder. The economy has tanked, things like houses – if you still have one – (remember those big square things with roofs?) are loosing more and more of their value while at the same time our food costs are rising.

Yikes!  How much can we take.

But hey, take some comfort, it could be worse. You could have been the brains behind the Yodeling Meter. First introduced in 1925 this clever but seemingly useless device was put together especially to measure the pitch of the human yodel. Maybe I’m just thinking like a marketer but I suppose it could have been a real scream during those summer weekend-long parties over at uncle Joe’s place.  Especially after a few of his bootlegged beers.

I don’t know how many of these were sold but I’d doubt if it covered the cost of the prototype, this professional promo photo, and the two lovely models.

Seriously though, if you really are feeling a little less than you’d like to, you should see this.

More power to you.

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