Paper Cut Learning

Paper cuts can be healed with time and an active immune system
Photo Credit: The Fuzzy Bunny!

If you’ve ever had a paper cut you know how it hurts. Pain like this is nature’s way of saying: “Today’s lesson is…”  If your immune system is breached, and remember your skin is your immune system’s first line of defense, then there will be pain. There is no getting around it. Pain demands attention every time.

But fortunately more often than not you don’t need to actually do anything yourself because your immune system works on auto-pilot to solve tiny breaches for you 24 x 7 x 365.  So the question I’ve been asking for years now is: Why doesn’t your thinking have the same capacity to respond to failure events as the body does?

Early in life you probably experienced a failure. When you fell off your bike, stumbled on the first attempts at taking your first steps, struggled to coordinate your hands in order to get the food in your mouth instead of down the front of your shirt.  You are not alone. Failure is a stranger to none of us.  In fact, when you add it up we should all be way more familiar with failure than we are with anything fitting the description of success.

So why does it continue to have such power to destroy us? To ruin an otherwise beautiful day? To occupy our thoughts in the amount that it does? To strike enough fear of doing something good for ourselves that it makes us stop short of success 80% of the time?

Here’s my brilliant epiphany. Are your ready for it?

I suspect that your thinking mindset does indeed have a type of immune system of its own. As I’ve said many times before, if it didn’t how could you ever bounce back from any mental trauma at all? The problem I suspect is in the speed of the immune response itself.  It’s just too darn slow. It needs to be speeded up.

But because failure always has pain associated with it, and pain always gets our attention, it becomes near impossible to concentrate on streamlining the mindset immune system’s response rate.  Feeling better comes a distant second in our human thought registry. Given a choice we humans will almost always lean towards the avoidance of pain before moving forward towards pleasure.

For example it’s a safe guess that only one percent of the population would consistently choose to move on with their vision while battling failure (pain)  after failure (pain). It’s not a coincidence that,  in the US at least, the average millionaire tries about seven different things before he finds the one thing that becomes a home run.

Success, in business as in life, requires that you stick it out and endure the pain of failure through a timeline. That timeline could stretch out for months and possibly for years. (It did for me.)

I think that what’s happening is that in these rare but wonderful success stories there becomes available an active agent within the person themselves that’s causing the mindset immunity to be energized.

I think this because those who have used this tool just once have continued to experience much quicker recovery from letdowns that happen in their lives than ever before.

Here’s the thing: they didn’t go through some kind of deep “learning” experience to achieve these results it was strictly a discovery event. What did they discover?

I could write a book on that but you’re in a hurry so let’s try this:

They report they discovered something visually inside of themselves (in the gut area to be specific) that must be the root ethereal energy package behind every success that required persistence and determination. Both of which are energy inherent gut-based drives.

Now if you followed me this far you may have recognized that stumbling blocks, barriers, and mountainsides in our life’s path cause us stress. That stress is often expressed in negative thinking which often festers into imaginary failure. That in turn, causes us a type of mindset pain and that calls out the mindset immune response to buffer us from it. If that response is too slow we cave in give up and quit.  But if it’s somehow quickened with a jolt of persistence and determination we succeed. It’s so powerful it instantly changes the shape of the entire mindset.

So, what is the takeaway here? Injury to our thinking causes us pain. If the natural defense  mechanism of mindset immunity can be made more active then it will automatically buffer us from getting sidetracked. That makes it a lot easier to keep going down the timeline to eventually reach a successful conclusion.

Success then becomes the default result.

Like Thomas Edison said: “We didn’t fail. We just found ten thousand ways that don’t work.”

That amounts to overcoming a heck of a lot of paper cuts.

More Power to you.



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