Black Hat Immunity

David in his black hatToday I’m wearing my black hat proudly.

But, lest you think I’m into promoting some kind of subversive web site app let me quickly explain.

Usually the term “black hat” references to some of the more sinister sort of methods used by daring marketers to temporarily get around or outsmart the search engines so that they can gain higher rankings.

But let’s be clear: I’m not into that.

Wouldn’t know the first thing about it anyway. I’m no smarty-ass coder. I hardly know my HTML from my HELP.

So, what’s with the black hat?  Well, see I’m just loosely calling it that because (although it is black in color) it’s my way of demonstrating that what I’m presenting is going to be a tad controversial to those who have interests in the industry of personal development.

I’m going to be putting on a webinar later this month to explain Mindset Immunity and what it means for those who seek better results without getting all hyped or pumped up from teachings that continue to come out of traditional self-help. (If you want you can sign up to receive the announcement of the time and date in the form in the right sidebar.)

In this group I’ll even include the airy fairy LOA stuff as well as the dreamy head-based Himalayan snow breeze promoted by the TM’ers.

Personally I’ve always been uncomfortable with that stuff as well as the stuff that says things like “If you don’t feel happy at least act happy and soon you’ll feel happy.”

Too much lame fakeness for me. I’d much rather have that joy and happiness simmering away, as it usually does, in my gut.

Mindset Immunity, in a nutshell, is about the discovery of new type of immune system. It’s the one that looks after our thinking mindset and it appears to work much like the one that looks after our physical bodies although it’s painfully slower.  The biggest difference is that it’s well… invisible.

But, strange as that may seem, that’s not what makes it all that “black hat”. That term is what I imagine all those gooroos will think it is. See, when people like you find out that you can easily discover that you have a new natural capability, one that’s already in you from birth, and that helps to control your mood towards the positive side automatically, then that could impact the whole industry. Capabilities are more permanent deliverables than information is.

Capabilities can’t be taken away from you by anyone. They are a real thing. An attribute that brings you more intrinsic power and freedom that comes from you and belongs to you. You’re not beholden to anyone and that’s new in this rock-star industry.

Remember, personal development is an industry that hasn’t seen much newness since the dear old Maharishi showed up back in 1958 promising to bring what he said would: “rid the world of all unhappiness and discontent.”

Ok,  maybe didn’t turn out that way for this oblate spheroid we call earth but it did alright for him.

To the tune of millions of moochos moola.

Worth a tip o’the black hat wouldn’t you say?

More power to you.

PS: Tell me what you think in the comment area below.  Or, if you’ve got something cool to say, just give me a shout in the box below.

Motivation In’s & Out’s.

You’re a binary.

A binary usually refers to a system comprised of two parts. Like computer code is comprised of just two numbers 1 and 0. I’m borrowing on this idea a lot lately because, as a metaphor, it helps to illustrate this dynamic of what it is to be human and how success and failure defines us.

This whole duality in motivation thing  is discussed rather succinctly in a wonderful TED talk by author Daniel Pink.


In my work with H.E.R.O. when I say that a human being is a binary I’m referring to the fact that these two parts of you, which reside in one body, are often in conflict. In religion the body is seen a egoistic and the soul as realistic. This idea goes back to the ancient Chinese who referred to this duality in humans as the “Yin” and the “Yang” many centuries ago.

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