Quotius #8

Each week I intend to dispatch my pent-up creativity by creating a new version of something I call a “quotius”. (Learn about the genesis of it here.)

“When the going gets tough… the tough get going.”
This time I have blatantly broken the law (yet again) about proper palindrome-making. I did it this time because, well for one thing it’s my playground, and because I wanted to seriously underscore the huge differences that naturally arise between a circular system of thinking and a reciprocal system of thinking.

The first being the domain of the stuck and the latter being the domain of the actively creative. You know, those who may not have all the answers but are brave enough to power ahead anyway.

In the first half of the video you can’t help but notice how the missing information, which appears upside down on the inside of the circular band, really makes the whole message unreadable. You’d have to stand on your head to get the rest of it.

This not only creates confusion in the reader but it also frustrates her to no end. Why would anyone knowingly want to think this way?

Because it’s easy that’s why. Lead-ass easy.

Of course, there is only one solution the reader’s dilemma and we see it plainly when the second the strip is constructed with that magical half-twist in it before it’s joined together and becomes a qualified Quotius.

That ability to overcome difficulties, no matter how many there are, delineates between the tough and the not tough enough. It’s not always those with sheer strength that win in this battle. It’s those with the ability to adapt and to thereafter endure.

Could you use a half twist in your thinking? Try this on for size.

More power to you.

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