A Silly Little Paper Band and A Phenomenon – Part 4

Meet Max

Self ImageThis is Part 4 of a series. ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 )

For years he’s been a practicing cosmetic surgeon who spots an unusual trend. He can’t help but notice that, even though he performs hundreds of very successful operations, many of his patients remain depressed as if the physical improvements made to their faces had never happened. He decides to author a book and in it he describes his observations as well as his impressions about such things as self-image. He also details his thoughts about the unseen world of energy within us that he believes somehow directs the healing process.

The book he writes is titled Psycho-Cybernetics.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics BookMax is Dr. Maxwell Maltz and when his book came out it soon became a best seller. People were very interested to learn more about building a good self-image. It played well in the age of angst that existed in the youth of the sixties and seventies.

This is an interesting book and one of the first that I picked up when I started my long journey that culminated in the creation of the H.E.R.O. Discover eMachine. Back then I really didn’t know what I was doing but, with the results that I observed in those who I convinced to use H.E.R.O. , I knew I was on to something.

Through reading books like this I became very interested in the twists and turns of human behavior. I was also quite taken by Maltz’s belief, which precisely echoed daVinci’s before him, that the physical body is a machine. He points out that he believed that man himself is NOT a machine but rather “the essence of man is that which animates this machine; that which inhabits the machine, directs and controls it, and uses it as a vehicle.

He goes on to report that “individual scientists – psychologists, physiologists, biologists – have suspected that there was some sort of universal energy or vitality which ran the human machine.

I was blown away. Here again I was seeing references to two distinct realities living as one. Another clear indication of a phenomenon that I’d been tracing back through history and on up to today. I was getting ever closer to the certainty that the ‘human mobius’ really existed. I became immersed in the search for more.

In my own work with H.E.R.O. I was also finding that there was a dividing line between these two realities. Most of the subjects that I persuaded to use H.E.R.O. reported soon afterward that they could feel an unusual energy-like feeling emanating from the gut region of the body that caused an odd and very subtle relaxation effect. I could see it in their faces . Although, like me they struggled to explain it, they went on to say that this feeling was like the excitement they had experienced as youth – perhaps even as children.

(Astoundingly, Dr. Maltz had stated in his book that further research involving this internal energy appeared to touch upon the fundamentals of ageing.)

The overall effect that seemed to be a common factor in all my participants is that they felt “happy” for no apparent reason except that they we’re alive. This “happy feeling” seemed to have an immediate buffering effect on any stress they had been experiencing in their lives. The benefits also seemed to persist for many years and were not dulled despite constant stress-producing challenges.  I can certainly attest to that.

My test subjects commonly reported being more adaptable in many situations requiring critical thinking. Problems got solved a lot faster than before and, they admitted, they were more productive at work. All this even though they hadn’t studied any “how to” information at all within the context of their personal H.E.R.O. seminar experience.

In my next post, the final installment in this series, I’ll introduce you to yet another eminent physician, a contemporary of Max’s, who will lend even more credence to the existence of this mysterious energy at play within all humans and yet more proof of this phenomenon.

Until then,

More power to you my friend.

David Parsons (aka Mobiusman)