A Silly Little Paper Band and A Phenomenon – Part 5

Wrapping it all up

Adaption Energy Effects MindIn this the final installment of this series. ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)

I’d like to introduce you to yet another scientist. He’s a recognized pioneer in the field of stress research. In fact the first usage of the term “stress” to describe an effect on humans was first used by him. The idea of the “fight or flight response” to describe a reaction to a stressor comes from his work. He’s a contemporary of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s.

Let me present: Dr. Hanz Selye.

We’ve been talking all along about a mysterious energy within humans that has shown itself to be a real phenomenon. Again, in Dr. Selye’s work, the concept of a mysterious energy is mentioned. Selye called it “adaptation energy” because “it is that which is consumed during continued adaptive work and to indicate that it is something quite different from the surface or caloric energy derived from the foods we eat“.

The two men seen to agree that this energy plays an important role in healing the body from an injury, adapting to a stress effect, and even that it “touches on the fundamentals of aging.”

I was excited.

Here, I thought, were two prominent men in medical science pointing to evidence that caused them to believe that something was at play within humans and that when it was at its active optimum it improved them in some meaningful overall way. ( You may recall in Part 3 we saw that Leonardo daVinci also thought that the human machine could be improved.)

This was what I was looking for. For years my test subjects, and others who attended my live seminars, had been reporting similar effects.

Years later, in 1982, another best selling book titled “In Search Of Excellence”, by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, told of another curious fact they had found while researching the art of management. They had looked at 40 of the leading 1980’s companies with records of long-term profitability and continuing innovation.

On page 59 they stated that:

mere association with past personal success apparently leads to more persistence, higher motivation, or…

something that makes us do better. (Bold italics are mine.)


Interestingly, Dr. Maltz, although being a medical man not a business reporter like Peters and Waterman, still found some commonality between the level of one’s personal motivation and the ability to quickly bounce back from a serious operation or disease. He recognized that the ability to self-heal is one that is built into the human machine and seemed to be optimized through this adaptation energy as was described by Dr. Selye.

He wraps up his book by saying:

“Not only has he (Dr. Selye) proved that the body is capable of curing itself, but that in the final analysis that is the only sort of ‘cure’ there is”.

He goes on to conclude: “the adaptation energy itself is what finally overcomes the disease, heals the wound or burn, or wins out over other stressors.”

What this all means to you today is that, if this energy we’re available to you right now, it could have a profound impact on your life. No doubt about that. I’ve been seeing this in my own work with H.E.R.O. for over thirty years. I just haven’t had the platform, such as this blog, to say it publicly.

To be able to exhibit an automatic adaptability to the effects of any and all unexpected stress events, indeed to become “immune” to them will lead to the development of a mindset that would have no equal. It would itself be a phenomenon. I believe this type of development will become more and more important as the troubles we’re now seeing, such the unwinding of the world’s economies, effect the lives of many that feel caught in the fallout.

If you find that you might be one of them contact us immediately. I think we can help.

More power to you all.

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