Are You Are “As You Think”?


Thinking is something all of us do plenty of every day.

The question is: How does our thinking effect how we “are”?  (Such as our state of health for example)

Generally speaking thinking comes in just two sizes: positive and negative.

Let’s take a quick look at positive thinking first.

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A Silly Little Paper Band and A Phenomenon – Part 4

Meet Max

Self ImageThis is Part 4 of a series. ( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 )

For years he’s been a practicing cosmetic surgeon who spots an unusual trend. He can’t help but notice that, even though he performs hundreds of very successful operations, many of his patients remain depressed as if the physical improvements made to their faces had never happened. He decides to author a book and in it he describes his observations as well as his impressions about such things as self-image. He also details his thoughts about the unseen world of energy within us that he believes somehow directs the healing process.

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