Syncing in self-belief

I was born with two brains.

Let me be clear though. I’m not claiming that I was somehow favored with an exceptionally large heaping helping of neurological goodies far beyond the norm. To my knowledge my particular gene pool wasn’t necessarily Olympic-sized and overpopulated with excess ganglion. It hasn’t allowed me to be a lot smarter than you or anyone else for that matter. See, I simply can’t claim that for myself. I’d like to but… I can’t.

Know why?

Turns out that my birth attributes weren’t all that special at all. At least when it comes to a tally in the brain department. The fact of the matter is, you have two separate sets of brains in your body too. So does the rest of the human population. All seven billion of us.

Seven billion problems

With all these brains there arises a problem though that needs to be addressed. None of us came with an owner’s manual. Having two sets of brains living in one body can be difficult to get a handle on at least from street level.

It doesn’t help that one brain set is in the head and the other one is in the gut. Or that the latter feels but doesn’t think while the former thinks (like gangbusters) but can’t feel a heck of a lot – if anything.

Out of sync

You’d think, given such a different set of skills, that each brain would seek out the other to form some sort of a coalition. That would work well if they actually knew each other existed by more than a passing glance. But as they mature they don’t seem to. Like the group of metronomes in the video posted here these two brain sets just seem out of synchronization most of the time. There is some communication between them but mostly they’re left to do their own thing.

For example, the head-brain can deliver to us a complex cognizance of our world. It can sometimes be seen as a romantic view and what all that means and then… other times? It could be a negative black hole.

The gut brain handles the smelly [definitely unromantic] task of digestion. This sort of disconnect allows the head-brain room to get into some turbulent thought territory. When that happens is it produces a lot of “noise” for our intellect to deal with. Often that noise is expressed as stress which tends to drown out all chances for optimal productivity in the thinking-straight department.

So, why is that?

Just take a look at your computer. All sensitive systems need some sort of buffer from external factors that might be damaging to its integrity. Of course we don’t call them buffers we call them “firewalls” and “anti-virus programs” but the effect they have on the system is similar. It would be foolish if you were to turn off those services and go out surfing all over the web wouldn’t it? You’d be asking for trouble and it wouldn’t take very long to find it.

So you can imagine what it’s like for the beleaguered head-brain. Every day it steps out into the world and – sooner or later – it will fall into some crappy thought-company.

It desperately needs a buffer too.

In the video we see how that was accomplished. The metronomes finally got a buffering platform that allowed them to communicate with each other. That little bit of connection quickly turned around the chaos and made it into an organized mass of oneness. Like those metronomes we too could pull these brains into sync with a new platform. One that can cause a unique unbroken communication of energy between both sets of brains creating harmony from randomness.

It could become more of what was intended: a symphony of ideas coupled with the motivation to put them into action. That platform is the ocean of potential that comes as a standard factory installed capability within each of us. The only reason we don’t think we have ready access to it is because it’s too huge a pattern to fit into the confines of our head- brain.

The ugly-duckling gut brain though has a unique advantage. It doesn’t think it feels. That potentiality is energy-based. Easy for the super sensitive gut brain to know if it’s there or not. It can feel it.

That dynamic informs us of who we are: a feeling/thinking being capable of amazing things. Let’s hear it for a solid self-belief built on inner-togetherness.

More power to you.

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Charlie’s Powerful Belief

Famous Quotivations # 14 – February 18 , 2011 [display_podcast]

According to this quote Charlie had an unbelievable belief in his ability

Quote by Charlie Chaplin

The most important thing you can have is an unbridled belief in yourself. This one thing will fuel your personal vision of the future like nothing else can. It will be a vision that is so real that it is not a question of weather or not it is going to come to fruition but only when.

But, given this truth, there is one fly in the ointment. Belief, any belief, is established in one of two ways: through argument or through hard evidence. If you go out and attempt to build self-belief by investing in the argument method only it might not be sticky enough to pull you up the life’s incline.

Better you should seek an authentic burning eternally-fired energy-backed belief based on the hard evidence that you’ve been successful before.

The key can be found in your success history. Locate that and you at least stand a fair chance no matter what the current circumstances look like.

Charlie was a child performer and had lots of ups and downs.

But he must have been keenly aware that those times when he persevered would create memories of real victories that he could draw on later.

Must have worked because he did go on to gain many honors. Playwright George Bernard Shaw called Chaplin “the only genius to come out of the movie industry.”

It’s Friday. Consider yourself “Quotivated”!

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My Midnight Train Response

I was recently blog surfing and was pleased to encounter the blog of a very astute writer by the name of Allison Nazarian. She had a little challenge going on for someone to try and explain her post and get a shot at owning a copy of her new book.  Since the post looked like to me as something that was about belief I thought I’d tickle my keyboard a bit and give it a try.

The following is what I posted in her blog comments.


Hi Allison. Just ran across your blog and I’m glad I did. Love your take on things.  It’s not just juicy medium-well done but it’s the tastiest outer cut of a human blog-experience I’ve had in a while, MMMMMMMMMM.

Ok, you asked for an explanation of your blog post and so here it is.

I’m not going to guess what exactly the hell you were thinking because I’m not a mind reader so how could I know anyway. That’s ok though because I don’t think that’s what you expected. You just want people who you don’t know and who you’ve maybe never met to just write… something.

That’s because that’s what you do and what we should all be doing. Write. Write. Write.

(Ok, False start there.)

Let’s try again shall we.

This post is just bleeding belief. Its belief-juice is running down the page so fully it’s fogged my screen and is threatening to spill out onto my freaking desk.  This belief stuff is of course invisible of but know it’s there because its stuff that’s written at midnight in the heart of one who just “gets it”.

Ok, the poetry is over. Now back to business.

Come back here and sit down. This is important shit. Took me a long time to figure out too so get comfortable.  (Here’s a fresh baked cookie for you ok? Good.)


When a person’s belief is in stall mode they are truly on a path to anywhere. Problem is a destination like that is for hobos not great writers like you Allison (or even for some of us). Let’s look at this “train” of thought more closely in respect for the way in which belief is established.

Just two ways:

1.    Through argument ( Example: a story or discussion in a book or a live one between two or more people)

2.    Through hard evidence (Stepping on a tack is hard evidence containing most of the properties of that damn tack’s existence.  Impossible to refute.)

Just two ways. There is no third way to create belief that I know of.  It may be dualistic but it’s not simplistic so, let’s now take the train out of midnight and into the light of day.

Let’s look at the mechanics of belief through argument first:

If I could get you to expose yourself to enough material on a particular subject (through reading, TV, audio) that would inevitably create thought patterns to form. After a while these thought patterns would clump together and off of them would arise a type of heat-like energy.

That heat and its intensity is strictly in proportion to the complexity of the thought pattern clump.  Incidentally, we all know that clump quite well.  We call it our “attitude”.

Now let’s take this just a weeny bit further then we’ll be done.  I promise.

If the attitude is strong enough it will inevitably express itself in our performing some action in line with itself. (In this case even an act of  in-action could itself be counted as an action if it was dictated by the attitude.)

In other words: attitudes motivate us.

This, in my opinion, is the locomotive pulling the darkest train there is because “attitudes” are not the “life stuff” that naturally causes truly beneficial, creative and spontaneous actions. They are too often created through ques set up through someone else’s template.  Thus, you might possess the same attitudes about politics, for example, as your parents

Now let’s have a look at how belief is created through hard evidence:

Remember that tack?  That is hard evidence that stepping on tacks is not fun. It’s painful and you shouldn’t be doing it. Belief established like this is rock-solid and cannot ever be ignored. That’s the kind of rock-solid belief in ourselves it should be.

So, to sum up. This post and its metaphorical “train goin’ everywhere” is about the lack of a basis for usable self-belief.  This is a “lack-o-motive” that needs to get back in the station and be refitted with a real visceral self-belief based on hard evidence that reinforces one’s self-worth and life-direction. That is the potentiality that once located (clue: it’s felt in the gut area of the body) cannot ever be “missing” ever again.

More Power to you.

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A Bridge Too Far

I don’t get to the movies much so I haven’t got a lot of memories of too many of them. But back in 1977 I went to see a war picture called “A bridge too far“. I don’t remember why I want because I don’t really like war pics.

It had a lot of great actors in it though. Guys like Michael Caine, James Caan, and the famous actor of  the Bond movies 007 Sean Connery.  This was a true story which took place in 1944 in the middle of the second world war.  It is known in history as “operation Market Garden”.

The Allies wanted to finish the war early and so poured everything into this operation. It didn’t go well. Not well at all.

Allied paratroops land in Holland 1944
Allied paratroops land in Holland 1944

The German forces were stronger than anticipated and in the end it was declared an “Allied operational failure”.  Now we know it was the worst in history with over 17,000 casualties. One of the bridges they were trying to capture was just too darn far.

Kind a bit-off-more-than-we-can-chew type of thing.

Ever have one of those? I have, and it used to stress me out to the nines. It can do a lot of damage to your mindset that’s for sure.

Lucky I took this a long time ago and now I get an automatic buffering effect whenever a bad turn happens. It’s still not a cake-walk but it allows me to stay on track.  A lot better than the alternative.

More power to you.

A Bridge Too Far