Mobius Monday Minute #5

Monday Minute

Significant discoveries about life forms – Dec 6, 2010

“There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  – William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”, Act 1 scene 5

Six. That’s the number of basic chemical elements that make up all living organisms on planet earth. These are called the CHNOPS elements; the letters stand for the chemical abbreviations of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur.

Only six of them. At least till this past week anyway.

Seems that scientists have been experiencing a hard evidence bomb that has left them tightly gripping the controls on their spectron microscopes. A heretofore unknown microbe has been identified as pigging out on nun other than one of the most toxic ingredients known to man: arsenic. It loves the stuff.  Even has it slathered all the way up to it’s DNA all the while kicking out the usual sulfur component that would make it fall in line with what’s considered usual.

Personally I can understand why. Sulfur‘s the stuff that smells like rotten eggs. I used to live about 40 miles from a paper mill and once in a while we’d get whiff of it.


Anyway this thing has the guys and gals in the lab coats rewriting their definition of what a life form is.

They better hurry. The possibilities for the existence of ET just got ramped up even more thanks to another discovery this week.  Seems that there are tons more stars out there than they first thought. Just take the numeral 3 and add 21 zeros to it and you’d get an idea of the latest estimate of the twinkling little specs that inhabit our universe. By the way that figure has a name it’s 300 sextillilion total stars.

But wait. What’s all this got do with a guy like me who usually talks about human motivation?

Plenty. Let me explain.

See I’ve being trying to tell people for a while now one of the most significant discovery is walking around with them 24 hours a day every day. We have all heard about our immune system and how it works. But that one only looks after our physical body. What If we had a separate one that looks after our thinking?

Still with me?  Great.

I believe I’ve found it and, I can prove it too you.

I call it mindset immunity and everyday it’s there, buried deep within you, basically operating at about only 10% capacity.
It has a hard time doing more because it’s not at all recognized and so, unlike its physical sibling, it doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t get any support.  It’s like an unknown 3rd world country still trying to survive with its stone-age economy.

But I’ve found a way to fix that. A way that is so simple that anyone could have thought it up but didn’t.

Want to know more?

No problemo.  Just check out my new book: The Gut Brain Balm. While I’m still writing it I’m giving away the first chapter for free right now. Go HERE now to grab your copy. But hurry this free offer ends once the book is completed.

Until next time.

More power to you my friends.

David W. Parsons

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7 Wonders of the Natural World + one

Bay of Fundy and the famous rock formations
Bay of Fundy - photo: Flickr


In the year 2000 a guy by the name of Bernard Weber started a movement to update the original “wonders of the world’ as was originally compiled  by the Greek historian Herodotus (484 – ca. 425 BCE).

When Weber’s project got started it caused quite a stir. It had, after all, been over 2,000 years since the original list had had an update. By the time he was done  his vote tally, which was seen by many as purely unscientific, had garnered a total of 100 million votes cast mostly online from every corner of the world. Herodotus couldn’t hold a clay tablet to that puppy.

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Catching a New Age Ray.

James Ray's organization is now a tumbling house of cards
James Ray’s organization is now a tumbling house of cards. Photo: Flickr

A few days ago I was watching the news on-line about the situation surrounding new age guru James Arthur Ray’s fouled up retreat experience that left three participants dead. I picked up on a post by an astute writer who happens to run a New Age type blog. So I checked it out.

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Time flu

Alarm Clock close-upThere’s a report in the New York Times about Teatro Flaiano. It’s an opera house situated in Rome’s historic center that for several months now has been home to a new theatre company that calls itself “Piccola Lirica” which translated means “shortened opera”.

100 years ago entire towns came to the opera and spent the whole day there. But now it appears that in the land of Verdi and Puccini you can take in an abbreviated rendition of Tosca and be back out in the streets in time to grab a full course linguine dinner.

Pocket-sized opera is just one more way we can rush through existence and feed our craving for ever- quicker stuff.

It’s a disease known as the time flu and it’s everywhere.

Here in North America, the land that invented accelerated living, if you didn’t have it before you’ve got it now, the iPhone, fast food, and the Internet have seen to that.

It’s a malaise that commonly presents itself as a lifestyle that demands you don’t slow down until you’ve multi-tasked your very life away. There’s little relief anywhere.

If you drive a car and you’re prone to have a heavier foot than allowable by law then it can be very costly indeed. Especially when you add in distractions like cell phones and I-pods.

Where I live here in BC there will soon be a law that prohibits the use of such devices while operating a motor vehicle. That’s not new of course other provinces have had that for a while now. Governments everywhere it seems are in combat mode against time flu and technological newbies are in their sights.

Unfortunately I don’t think we can legislate away something like an infirmity of this magnitude.  It’s too late. It’s metastasized itself into our culture and now everyone’s in a mad rush.

That motif  I thought was nicely summed up in the catchy bumper sticker I saw the other day that warned: Don’t drive faster than your angel can fly.

I wonder if that’s kind of thing the actor in the condensed Tosca was thinking just before she had to fling herself off the parapet in Act Three only a mere 90 minutes after the opening curtain.

More power to you all.



F.D.R. in 1933

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

President elect Franklin D. Roosevelt said that 76 years and two months ago.

He was eloquent in his attempt to deliver on the promise that the American people could pull out of the depths of the economic troubles that they then faced.

It’s weird.

I read the text of that speech and I felt like any minute now I could be hearing it being said for real by President Obama as it poured  out of the clock radio beside my bed while I sipped this morning’s coffee.

It’s that relevant.

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